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In this historic 16 minute video (in German with English subtitles), the German Weekly News of July 1940 is shown. It shows reports from the front by "propaganda companies". German troops, (walking) infantry, cavalry and horse drawn supply carts are shown moving up to the front, thereby disproving the Allied myth that German units were all armoured, mechanized or motorised.

In this historic video (One and a half hours), the late Canadian Revisionist, Ernst Zundel (1939-2017) is portrayed in an American produced film. In this video Ernst Zundel makes a speech, in 2006, where he says "Off Your Knees Germany!" The events that led to this speech are depicted and explained.

In this 3 minute video clip, recorded in 2015, Frank Tower, a US soldier of the 30th Infantry Division recounts how they came across a train taking 2,500 Jews to Theresienstadt. It was a combat zone, and artillery fire from both sides was falling, but the Jews were rescued and taken behind the US lines.

In this 28 minute video, David Irving, the brilliant revisionist writer and researcher, speaks of how the manipulation of history takes place in order to replace it with a mass of propaganda lies. In his usual forthright fashion David gives examples of this manipulation.

Brian Ruhe introduces Doctor E Jones, on his show in 2020. Dr Jones is a world renowned author, lecturer and editor of "Culture Wars" magazine.  Here in this 59 minute video, Dr Jones talks about the effects on history, by the (corrosive) "revolutionary" spirit as embodied in the character of the Jews.

In this 3 minute video, a propaganda film (Forced March, 1989) is being made. The camp commander is berating his men (all 28 of them?) for being too nice to the Jews in his labor camp. Jews who are late for parade have their hands behind their backs and are hoisted up in the air, as a punishment.

Our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks just had six more volumes added to its roster, thus reaching a stunning 48 volumes! Learn more about these new additions to our encyclopedic series here...

Aufgrund der doppelt-plus schlimmen Erkältung hatte unser Drucker vom April bis zum Mai ein Sonderangebot laufen: Er verzichtete auf alle Gebühren, um neue Titel einzurichten und überarbeitete Dateien bereits vorhandener Titel hochzuladen. Daher habe ich mich auf den Hintern gesetzt und dafür gesorgt, dass wir dieses Sonderangebot optimal nutzen können. Und hier sind die Gewinner des Rennens...

Due to the Double-Plus-Bad Cold, our printer launched a special offer during April and May: they waived all fees to set up new titles and submit revised files for already existing titles. Hence we got busy and made sure we can take maximum advantage of this special offer. And here are the winners...

Viele Befehle, die jemals von den verschiedenen Kommandanten des berüchtigten Lagers Auschwitz erlassen wurden, sind erhalten geblieben. Sie zeigen die wahre Natur des Lagers mit all seinen täglichen Ereignissen. Es gibt darin keine Spur, die auf etwas Unheimliches in diesem Lager hinweist. Im Gegenteil, viele Befehle stehen in klarem und unüberwindbarem Widerspruch zu Behauptungen, dass Gefangene massenweise ermordet wurden. Dieses neue Buch bietet eine Auswahl der wichtigsten dieser Befehle zusammen mit Kommentaren, die sie in ihren richtigen historischen Zusammenhang bringen...