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Exterminationists offer a wide variety of means by which millions of human cadavers, victims of the so-called Holocaust, are said to have been disposed of, ranging from stationary or portable crematoria to pyre burning, but the version currently offered by the Treblinka Museum on their website is perhaps the most-ludicrous of them all. The museum claims that 800,000 alleged victims were burned on grates made of rails, with brushwood as the source of energy. The brushwood necessary to fuel those pyres was allegedly collected in nearby forests, or was simply somehow miraculously available in sufficient quantities during the first half of 1943, when the claimed Treblinka victims are said to have been cremated. In this paper, the authors attempt to describe this operation, with strong emphasis on the logistics needed.


We are in a war of ideas.  And no war has ever been won by those who cannot fight on multiple fronts.  One of the most recent ways we are adapting and endeavoring to take full advantage of the resources at our disposal is our new merchandise store.  But there's a lot more to this endeavor than just selling some t-shirts . . . 

German historian Dr. Peter Longerich is regarded by many as one of the leading authorities on the "Holocaust." Longerich was hired as an expert defense witness in David Irving’s libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books. He prepared two reports for this civil action. Longerich later wrote books expanding on his research for this trial. This article discusses some of the weaknesses of Longerich’s research regarding the so-called Holocaust.


Rudolf Hess was one of the most popular National Socialist leaders. Albrecht Haushofer wrote in 1934 about Hess: “There is a strange charm in his personality; whenever he is there, a friendly veil falls over all the grey and black of the present.” Joseph Goebbels wrote about Hess in his diary: “Hess—the most decent person, quiet, friendly, reserved”. Hess is also famous for his flight to Great Britain on May 10, 1941 to attempt to negotiate peace with the British. This article discusses Hess’s motives for this dangerous flight, the injustice against Hess at the Nuremberg Trial, and whether Hess committed suicide or was murdered in Spandau Prison.


Communism Fascism and National Socialism Explained in 15 minutes by Race Reason Censored.

Eric Thomson explains the differences between National Socialism, Fascism and Communism. Eric states that there is a concerted attempt to confuse these different ideas - in some cases by referring to "Red Fascism". Eric explains that far from being a revolutionary movement, Communism is very "conservative" as it wants a return to the "garden of Eden", the so called "noble savage" and such like. Eric goes on to explain Communism in detail, as a criminal organisation, contrasting it with Fascism and National Socialism.


Jim Rizoli, who has done sterling work in exposing the "Holoco$t" atrocity lie, talks (12 minutes) on a range of subjects. He talks of the "Ten Hour Red Pill" on the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie which has borrowed a lot of his videos, not that Jim minds. Jim talks about a "public" meeting which the public were not allowed to attend.