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Bear in mind it's possible the offers were never intended to be accepted. Jews running the USSR, UK, and USA may have wanted to give Germans the feeling of justification, so there would be lots of bloodshed, just as Jews like.

Talk about Hiroshima, giving reasons for believing it was a fake. And that 'nuclear weapons' were faked. Part of the reason is Jewish networking and lies, notably needed to prevent the Jewish USSR from invasion, and investigation.

The "Operation Reinhardt" camps were extermination camps exclusively, right? Well, the online records of the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum suggest quite otherwise. Read this for particulars—and proof.

About 58 minutes long; including Q & A at the end. Irving defends his Libel prosecution - except for the Judge. He discusses 'Holocaust survivors' - people who nothing much happened to. And 'deniers'—'a sort of Goebbelsian word'. "Since about 1963 jewish organisations around the world had decided to smash me, and we know this from documents revealed in the [Lipstadt Libel] trial."

Aufgrund der doppelt-plus schlimmen Erkältung hatte unser Drucker vom April bis zum Mai ein Sonderangebot laufen: Er verzichtete auf alle Gebühren, um neue Titel einzurichten und überarbeitete Dateien bereits vorhandener Titel hochzuladen. Daher habe ich mich auf den Hintern gesetzt und dafür gesorgt, dass wir dieses Sonderangebot optimal nutzen können. Und hier sind die Gewinner des Rennens...

Due to the Double-Plus Bad Cold, our printer launched a special offer during April and May: they waived all fees to set up new titles and submit revised files for already existing titles. Hence we got busy and made sure we can take maximum advantage of this special offer. And here are the winners...

Viele Befehle, die jemals von den verschiedenen Kommandanten des berüchtigten Lagers Auschwitz erlassen wurden, sind erhalten geblieben. Sie zeigen die wahre Natur des Lagers mit all seinen täglichen Ereignissen. Es gibt darin keine Spur, die auf etwas Unheimliches in diesem Lager hinweist. Im Gegenteil, viele Befehle stehen in klarem und unüberwindbarem Widerspruch zu Behauptungen, dass Gefangene massenweise ermordet wurden. Dieses neue Buch bietet eine Auswahl der wichtigsten dieser Befehle zusammen mit Kommentaren, die sie in ihren richtigen historischen Zusammenhang bringen...

A large number of all the orders ever issued by the various commanders of the infamous Auschwitz Camp have been preserved. They reveal the true nature of the camp with all its daily events. There is not a trace in these orders pointing at anything sinister going on in this camp. Quite to the contrary, many orders are in clear and insurmountable contradiction to claims that prisoners were mass murdered. This new book presents a selection of the most pertinent of these orders together with comments putting them into their proper historical context.