Life Sign

The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust and related publishing companies have suffered a major attack, with all our Internet servers disconnected. As you have noticed, we are currently unable to maintain our valuable Revisionist Forum, our Library of articles and research material, or any of the many other services CODOH provided. Castle Hill Publishing is unable to fill orders for books, because its entire inventory has been taken hostage. (You can order their range of books, published under license, at, though). At this point, CODOH has been forced into the dark.

But we at CODOH are fighting hard to defeat this attack, and we are already in the process of recovering fully from the damage inflicted. Truth will prevail!

The website Holocaust Handbooks has been relaunch in a new format, yet without any data loss – in fact, when relaunching, we took the opportunity not only to modernize the site and streamline user experience, but we actually add more data, and updated the entire website.

Right now, volunteers are in the process of extracting and reformatting all backed-up data for the CODOH Library, whose new database framework is being prepared for a re-upload of all data. This may take a week or two, hopefully not much more. This new CODOH Library will also be more modern and more streamlined. Inconvenient History (IH) has all data within the Library, so once we have that data neatly back in place, IH will also be resurrected.

We furthermore have a complete backup of the archives. This content will be integrated into the new CODOH Library, once we have the Library back up and running.

The CODOH Forum will be next in line. We are still hoping to recruit volunteers to help us with that. This can be redeployed independent of the Library, as both are strictly separate entities.

Please bear with us, while we make the impossible happen.

Note our new California postal address is:

PO Box 2355
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Please do do NOT send mail or funds to any other address, as it will most likely not reach us.