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Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (His real name until 1945) was born to wealth, his father Randolph was the Chancellor of Exchequer [Finance Minister] and his mother, Jennie, the daughter of a wealthy American businessman, Leonard Jerome.

Winston eventually became a war correspondent where he was able to self promote himself, and receive overpriced receipts. He paid ghost writers a pittance to write “his” articles, then charged the papers, a massive increase. In one case (£15 to £350). A huge number of his books were ghost written and researched by others.

In WWI, as First Lord of the Admiralty he sent three old British armoured cruisers [Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue], to patrol in the southern North Sea, despite warnings. In September 1914, they were promptly sank by one U-Boat. Later In WWI he advocated an attack on the Dardanelles. However, the expedition was a complete disaster, with huge loss of ships and troops.

He attempted to restore his career by going to the Western Front. His Masonic friends tried to get him a unmerited Major-General rank, but this failed after questions were asked in Parliament.

Eventually he became the Chancellor of the Exchequer, like his father had been. WS-C decided to restore the Gold standard. It turned out to be a disaster, the wages of miners were cut and a General strike was the result. He later said that he was the worst Chancellor that “England ever had”.

Spencer-Churchill never learnt to drive, it was too difficult for him, and he crashed.

He tried to be a pilot, but crashing twice, and injuring his instructor, he gave up. He never did earn his “wings“, although he wore them (fraudulently) later.

All through this time, Spencer-Churchill spent lavishly, the finest clothes, expensive cigars, gambling (mostly losing), long holidays, reckless spending on stocks & shares (Commission free and aided by Bernie Baruch) and massive amounts of alcohol. There always seemed to be a Cassel or Starkosh to pick up the tab.

He passed off his lack-lustre paintings as by a French Artist, to earn cash. Roosevelt sarcastically commented on this later.

Winston was noted as being very effeminate in his character, being prone to emotional outbursts, and having two French poodles as his pet dogs. He regularly appointed homosexuals to being his personal secretary like Edward Marsh (another Ghost writer) Brendan Bracken, Archibald Sinclair and Bob Boothby. He spent a huge amount of time away from his wife, especially with Bracken, a lying fraudster he had met at a party, who claimed to be Australian, but was actually from Ireland. Winston was somehow captivated with Bracken, making him Minister of Information during the War. [George Orwell in his book 1984, a parody of 1948, used Brendan Bracken as BB, big brother.]

At the declaration of war, Spencer-Churchill rejoined the cabinet.

Under Churchill, HMS Royal Oak was sank by a U-Boat at Scapa Flow, with heavy loss of life. The commander of the port defences had said a year before they were inadequate and had even said he could sail a ship in the gaps, but he was ignored.

WS-C then advocated an attack on neutral Norway to cut off Germany’s Iron ore supplies, the plan was adopted but was a complete disaster.

It was not revealed until June 2020, that Spencer-Churchill had also launched an attack against neutral Sweden (Operation Paul) but the force (an aircraft carrier [HMS Glorious] and 2 destroyers) was completely wiped out, en route.

Another plan (Catherine) advocated by WS-C was to send 3 battleships and other vessels into the Baltic to interdict the Swedish ore supplies. The Navy eventually to get this suicidal idea dumped.

Another plan supported by WS-C was to attack the Soviet oilfields at Baku (Operation Pike) which were supplying Germany with oil. Recce missions were made, and a large number of bombers readied in Syria but the fall of France stopped the plan.

Winston wanted rear-line supply troops sent to the front, but the army eventually kicked the scheme into the long grass.

Under Winston, the war proceeded badly from disaster to disaster. France, Greece, Crete, the French fleet, Torbruk were all massive debacles.

Winston had no idea about rations for the masses. Shown the rations for individuals, he stated that they were ample for a day, but these were for a week! In a restaurant he gave a poor example when he asked for meat and fish, and was refused by a waiter who quoted his own laws. But Winston got his way. Under Government “hospitality” regulations somebody important was always invited ensuing that fine wine and food was always available.

Attempts by Winston to get the USA in the war also failed.

Incredibly, Winston had little idea of decency. He exposed himself to his male and female staff and even to a bemused Roosevelt on a number of occasions, telling him that the British Empire had nothing to hide from the US.

WS-C never understood the aerial protection of naval units, and in consequence two battleships were sunk off Malaya.

Winston thought that the 100,000 troops at Singapore would be able to “annihilate” the attacking Japanese troops. They all ended up prisoner.

Indian researchers state that his neglect in India during the war led to the deaths of nearly three million people in Bengal.

Spencer-Churchill advocated the night bombing of German cities in order to kill civilians, the worst war crime of the war and an ineffectual operation which murdered about 700,000 civilians, and stiffened German resistance.

Winston continued with disasters, the “raid” on Dieppe was virtually wiped out, and the attack on Italy, which Winston falsely described as the vulnerable belly of the Axis “crocodile” ended up in stalemate and heavy casualties.

However Winston later backed “Market Garden” an operation which ended in failure and heavy loss of life. WS-C made sure that General Sosabowski of the Polish Paratroops got the blame for the defeat because his troops were “poor”.

In the last stages of the war, Winston advocated an attack on the German occupied Greek Islands, in order to “rescue” Poland. It turned out to be a another disaster.

Spencer-Churchill (and Roosevelt) endorsed the insane plan by Henry Morgenthau, a Jewish banker, which if adopted would have meant the death by starvation or disease of ten million Germans in 1946 and 1947. This lunatic plan was only partially implemented, as Churchill was voted out and Roosevelt died. However, the “re-education” of the Germans by their own (Jewish) refugees and the dismantling of German industry was carried out.

Winston’s family, including his son turned out to be drunks and dissolutes.

In conclusion, his life was a total disaster to others. He bankrupted the British Empire, and his military disasters were numerous. Winston Spencer-Churchill never gave a fig about other people. His aide, Desmond Morton, characterised him as a total egoist.

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