Month: April 2010

Inconvenient History 2009 Hardbound Annual now available!

By History Behind Bars- The hardbound edition of Inconvenient History Volume 1 is finally available. This beautiful hardbound book is 296 pages of hard-hitting revisionist scholarship revealing the truth on several inconvenient moments in our recent history. Inconvenient History Volume 1, contains all the content from our 3 issues from 2009. You will receive a…

Traces of a Chimera, or Bełżec’s Vanishing Gas Chamber Building

By Thomas Kues 1. The Alleged Second Phase Gas Chamber Building at Bełżec According Israeli historian Yitzhak Arad [1] the first gas chamber building at Bełżec, a wooden barrack containing three chambers each measuring 4 x 8 meters, was torn down sometime in late June 1942 and replaced with a larger, more solid building measuring…

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