Author: Ernst Manon

It’s All Sh.., Isn’t It?

Helmut Schelsky wrote in the 1970s:[1] “The new devil is especially the incomprehensible language destroyer, which dominates by making the people ‘speechless.’ To this phenomenon of group forming and group separating by words belong other linguistic branches of the modern political discourse, like the ‘fecal language,’ as [Kurt] Scheuch called the use of vulgar sexual,…

Reality and “Wirklichkeit”

Between 1996 and 2000, “span-the-gap” articles by various authors have appeared in small German periodicals.[1] These articles attempt to build a bridge between the camp of Holocaust researchers who are objective and reality-oriented in their approach, and the more orthodox researchers who are subjective and perception-oriented. The authors have attended numerous Holocaust trials and obtained…

Delusional Worlds

In The Revisionist, No. 1/2003, we published the first of Ernst Manon's observations on problems relating to Jewish 'memories' of the 'Holocaust' along with observations on the German compulsion to self-accusation. In the present article, Ernst Manon extends and deepens his observations, analyzing tendencies to mistake delusion for reality, which are common among Mosaic fundamentalists….

A Look Back at Revisionism

For many years now, revisionist books and journal articles accumulate, which due to their scientific depth, their sheer irrefutable evidence and rigorous argumentation should have been in a position to cause a historiographic revolution all by themselves. But nothing happens. The silencing spiral, together with the increased worldwide range of persecution, silences more and more…

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