Author: Dana I. Alvi

Anthology on Jewish Resistance and anti-Polonism

Webster's Dictionary defines the word “anthology” as: “collection of poems, stories, etc.” The book Anthology on Armed Jewish Resistance 1939-1945 (1986 Second Revised Edition) by Isaac Kowalski, (ISBN 0-9613219-0-3) is made up of stories of valor, various claims and charges, some anonymous, most fantastic. Nothing in this 650 page book is authenticated. Not a single…

Yaffa Eliach – “one of America’s most respected Holocaust scholars”

Below is our response to the US News & World Report (USN&WR) article of July 8, 1996 and The New York Times (NYT) autobiographical article by Yaffa Eliach of August 6, 1996. Only the USN&WR article is copied below, the NYT is very long, current and easily available to anyone interested. USN&WR in its July…

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