Author: Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz is a British musician who was jailed in Britain for writing satirical songs about Holocaust survivors' problematic relationship with veracity

Observation for the Nation Episode 14 With Alison Chabloz (1:44:10)

Observation for the Nation Episode 14 With Alison Chabloz. In this (one hour and 44 minutes) video Observation for the Nation talks to the delightful Alison Chabloz. Alison is a highly intelligent and attractive lady who actively exposes the lie of the “Holocaust” atrocity propaganda. Consequently, Alison has been subjected by the “Holocaust” liars to a…

Update February 1st 2021

This February 1st 2021 update (18 minutes) features Alison Chabloz, a talented songwriter. She talks about the pandemic of COVID-19 and the UK government's appalling mishandling of it, which has led to the highest percentage death rate in Europe. Her meeting the talented Jew, Gerald Menuhin, who has wrote extensively about the damage the "Holocaust" atrocity…

Prohibition Mission

Prohibition Mission. Alison Chabloz, a English singer songwriter performs "Prohibition Mission" a satirical song about COVID 19. Alison is renowned for her songs which include ones that expose the "holocau$t" as a fraud.


For musician Alison Chabloz, 56, 2020 has been another eventful year. January 10th, Chabloz' appeal at Derby Crown Court against an eight-week prison sentence (breach of a 12-month social media ban for writing on her own website) was adjourned by HHJ Robert Egbuna; disclosure of communications between Chabloz' accusers – pro-Israel NGO "Campaign Against Antisemitism" (CAA) – the Crown, the National Probation Service and indeed the Ministry of Justice was, for some reason, unforthcoming… Chabloz was granted unconditional bail by the judge who decided that the appeal could not proceed properly without full disclosure of the relevant papers.

Holocaust Survivors

Alison Chabloz is a Holocaust revisionist who is being persecuted for posting a satirical song to YouTube named "(((Survivors)))" in which she pokes fun at some of the more-absurd claims made by "Holocaust Survivors". The "Survivors" she featured in her song include: (i) Irene Zisblatt, a Hungarian Jew who claims to have repeatedly swallowed, pooped…

Fighting Back and Winning

Fighting back and winning. Alison Chabloz, the talented English singer, and campaigner against the "Holocau$t" lie. She thanks her friends, supporters and fans for their constant backing. Alison explains (22 minutes) why she continually exposes the "Holocau$t", and how she believes that it is not worthwhile but vital. She talks of her friend in France,…

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