Author: Willis A Carto

Willis Carto was a towering figure on the American Right from the 1950s until his death in 2015. He founded The Barnes Review, American Free Press, the IHR and other organizations. His widow Elisabeth Carto, 79, talks about his life.

From the publisher

This special issue of The Journal of Historical Review includes issues Two, Three and Four of Volume Five, 1984. There is a reason for this. At approximately midnight on the Fourth of July last, the business office and warehouse of the publisher were burned to the ground by arson. Lost in the gutted ruins were…

Toward History

I have always thought that Henry Ford's concise definition of history sets forth more wisdom in fewer words than anything else I know. He observed, “History is bunk,” and in three short words the great populist industrialist spelled out one of the most profound problems of our time. We have to recognize that when Ford…

On the Uses of History

I suppose that one can become rather pessimistic and discouraged. at the way the objective truth is distorted and hidden for the purposes of political and economic interests, but there is a Profound lesson to be learned from the fact that it is, and there is no reason for discouragement if we learn from the…

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