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Inconvenient History seeks to revive the true spirit of the historical revisionist movement; a movement that was established primarily to foster peace through an objective understanding of the causes of modern warfare.

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The Einsatzgruppen

Editor’s Remark Einsatzgruppen was the name of German task-force groups of the Second World War operating in the temporarily occupied areas of the Soviet Union. Their task was to analyze and organize civilian life in these territories, fight partisans, and, if we are to believe the orthodox narrative, systematically murder all the Jews they could…

Revisionism Going Viral

In early 2016, the Kindle version of a book by two New Zealand authors – James and Lance Morcan – was launched which claimed to refute revisionist theories on the Holocaust. Italian revisionist scholar Carlo Mattogno promptly debunked this primitive “refutation” with a scathing book-length critique, which Castle Hill was happy to publish.[1] By pure…

3rd Edition of The First Holocaust

Don Heddesheimer’s bestselling book The First Holocaust was issued in July 2018 in its 3rd edition, now bearing the more-pertinent subtitle The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure. It includes a vastly improved, extended preface, which is based on the transcript of Germar Rudolf’s documentary of the same title. Read, download, buy or watch this…

The Gruesome Secret of Hamelin

In order that the reader may ascertain whether Bad Nenndorf, as described in the previous article, is a unique exception to British occupation policy in post-war Germany, articles from the German weekly newspaper Deutschen Wochenzeitung are reprinted in translation below.[1] They also show that, for the past 30 years, anyone who wished to inform himself…

Holocaust Skepticism

Back in 2001, German mainstream organizations were raising funds for a huge Holocaust Memorial to be erected in Berlin. They kicked off their fund-raiser campaign with huge billboards plastered all over Germany stating in large letters: “The Holocaust never happened” – and then in small print underneath, unreadably small for people driving by: “There are…

An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account

Carlo Mattogno, Myklós Nyiszli, An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account: The Bestselling Tall Tales of Dr. Mengele’s Assistant Analyzed, Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, 2018, 474 pages, 6”×9” paperback, b&w illustrated, bibliography, index, ISBN 978-1-59148-193-5. Online at The tall tales told by the Jewish-Hungarian physician Miklós Nyiszli about his alleged experiences during the war while in…

Auschwitz: A Three‐Quarter Century of Propaganda

Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: A Three-Quarter Century of Propaganda. Origins, Development and Decline of the “Gas Chamber” Propaganda Lie, Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, 2018, 116 pages, 5”×8” paperback, b&w illustrated, bibliography, index, ISBN 978-1-59148-152-2. Online at; the entire book is included in Number 3 of this volume. On occasion of the 60the anniversary of the…

Zyklon B – a Supplement

Zyklon B is the term of horror that symbolically summarizes all the atrocities reported about the National Socialist era. For the majority of people today, Zyklon B is the epitome of industrial mass murder. However, this will not be discussed here. Rather, after a brief description of the history of its creation and regular use,…

Catching Up

For the past several years, CODOH and Castle Hill Publishers have been intertwined both financially and with their web presence. Back in the summer of 2013, Castle Hill, back then still hosted with an online store at, lost its ability to accept credit-card payments in the UK, mainly due to the interference of New…

Book Reviews Galore

For the fourth issue of last year’s Inconvenient History, a Greek revisionist submitted four papers, all of them reviews of various books, although one was a mere brief scrutiny of false claimed made by one author (Lawrence Rees). It was the very first time that we heard or rather read anything from Panagiotis Heliotis, a…

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