No. 3

Vol. 13, No. 3 · · 2021

Inconvenient History seeks to revive the true spirit of the historical revisionist movement; a movement that was established primarily to foster peace through an objective understanding of the causes of modern warfare.

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Book Announcement

The “Operation Reinhardt” Camps Treblinka, Sobibór, Belzec Authored by Carlo Mattogno Carlo Mattogno, The “Operation Reinhardt” Camps Treblinka, Sobibór, Bełżec: Black Propaganda, Archeological Research, Expected Material Evidence, Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, 2021, 402 pages, 6”×9” paperback, index, bibliography, b&w illustrated, ISBN: 978-1-59148-268-0. As Volume 28 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, we used to have…

Filip Müller’s False Testimony, Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 The following article was taken, with generous permission from Castle Hill Publishers, from Carlo Mattogno’s recently published study Sonderkommando Auschwitz I: Nine Eyewitness Testimonies Analyzed (Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, 2021; see the book announcement in Issue No. 2 of this volume of Inconvenient History). In this book,…

Jews Discredit Allied War-Crimes Trials

The International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg, the 12 secondary Nuremberg trials (NMT) and numerous other trials are repeatedly cited as proof of the Holocaust story. This article documents some of the Jewish attorneys, investigators and witnesses whose words and actions prove that the Allied-run war-crimes trials were politically motivated proceedings which failed to produce credible evidence of the so-called Holocaust.

A Personal Note

Personal matters should not be part of contributions to Inconvenient History – unless it affects Inconvenient History. I am not yet sure that it will, but I thought it conducive to give a little glimpse into what’s going on in my little world at home, so the reader can appreciate my trials and tribulations, and…

The Case of Brushwood That Was Not Available

Exterminationists offer a wide variety of means by which millions of human cadavers, victims of the so-called Holocaust, are said to have been disposed of, ranging from stationary or portable crematoria to pyre burning, but the version currently offered by the Treblinka Museum on their website is perhaps the most-ludicrous of them all. The museum claims that 800,000 alleged victims were burned on grates made of rails, with brushwood as the source of energy. The brushwood necessary to fuel those pyres was allegedly collected in nearby forests, or was simply somehow miraculously available in sufficient quantities during the first half of 1943, when the claimed Treblinka victims are said to have been cremated. In this paper, the authors attempt to describe this operation, with strong emphasis on the logistics needed.

Peter Longerich on the “Holocaust”

German historian Dr. Peter Longerich is regarded by many as one of the leading authorities on the "Holocaust." Longerich was hired as an expert defense witness in David Irving’s libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books. He prepared two reports for this civil action. Longerich later wrote books expanding on his research for this trial. This article discusses some of the weaknesses of Longerich’s research regarding the so-called Holocaust.

Rudolf Hess: Wronged Prisoner of Peace

Rudolf Hess was one of the most popular National Socialist leaders. Albrecht Haushofer wrote in 1934 about Hess: “There is a strange charm in his personality; whenever he is there, a friendly veil falls over all the grey and black of the present.” Joseph Goebbels wrote about Hess in his diary: “Hess—the most decent person, quiet, friendly, reserved”. Hess is also famous for his flight to Great Britain on May 10, 1941 to attempt to negotiate peace with the British. This article discusses Hess’s motives for this dangerous flight, the injustice against Hess at the Nuremberg Trial, and whether Hess committed suicide or was murdered in Spandau Prison.

David Icke’s Misconceptions about National-Socialist Germany

David Icke is my favorite conspiracy researcher. For the past 30 years, Icke has done a phenomenal job of exposing the crimes and corruption of the global cabal that controls our planet. Icke is world famous because of his prophetic and prolific research. I do take issue, however, with some of Icke’s research on National-Socialist Germany. This article discusses some of Icke’s writings and comments about National-Socialist Germany that I think are unfair or inaccurate.

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