Author: Walter N. Sanning

Pen name of German statistician Wilhelm Niederreiter.

'The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry’: An Exchange

Editor’s Note: Earlier this year Mr. John Bennett, head of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, sent a copy of Walter N. Sanning’s 1983 book The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry to Dr. W. D. Rubinstein of the School of Social Sciences at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. Professor Rubinstein has been a leading Australian critic of…

Soviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts and Consequences

The Soviet scorched-earth policy has many facets: Military, economic, and so on. In The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry I touched only on those which are of importance in connection with the demographic changes of Eastern European Jewry. Here I want to emphasize the economic side of a little-known portion of the Second World War….

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