Month: September 1998

California Institute of Technology Won't Run CODOH Ad – Yet ran It

Lexi Baugher, ad manager for The California Tech at California Institute of Technology, called to say The Tech would run the ad. On the 14th we discussed the layout of the ad by telephone and it was set to go on the 18th. I then received an e-mail message from their business manager: Dear Mr….

Censorship is Not an Answer

The ad ran on 16 September [1998] in The Advance Titan [AT] and was followed by a flap that took its staff rather by surprise. On the 23rd the AT printed negative letters by ten professors. There was no objective information for students in any of the letters, though there was a good deal to…

Georgia State University’s “The Signal” ran CODOH ad

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an article (15 Sept.) headlined: “Ad sparks annual controversy.” The story reports on the first reactions to the ad having run at GSU. Written by Ernie Suggs, it reports that the ad challenges the ADL to a national televised debate “on such issues as whether gas chambers were used to exterminate…

The PC in your mailbox

When you drop an envelope in a red pillar-box, you walk away confident that your mail will not be read by anyone except the addressee. However, when you send an email, it might be wise to reflect on the differences. According to the organisation Internet Freedom, an agreement being negotiated between the UK's internet service…

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