Month: June 2021

Lebensraum Ingrid Rimland’s Epic Trilogy (1:43:43)

In this video, (One hour and 43 minutes) Ernst Zundel (1939-2017) interviews Doctor Ingrid Rimland, in 1998. An attractive, elegant, and highly intelligent lady, she is the author of many prize winning books, such as the Wanderers and her trilogy, Lebensraum. She was born in the Ukraine in 1936 into a Mennonite family, who were of German origin. Fleeing religious persecution, the Mennonites left Germany in large numbers to the Russian Empire, after Catherine the Great invited them to settle in the decade following 1770.

1000 Nazis Did Not Take Over America with Operation Paperclip Plus Other Topics D.R. Tankie (15055 Hrs)

Brian Ruhe of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society interviews D R Tankie (DRT) about Operation Paperclip in this (one hour 50 minute) video. Operation Paperclip was a secret US operation in which over 1,600 German scientists, engineers and technicians were taken from defeated National Socialist Germany to be employed by the US Government….

ROBERT FAURISSON – A MAN (2011) In French with English subtitles (1:25:34)

In this video (One hour and 25 minutes) Professor Robert Faurisson, a great Frenchman speaks about his incredible life, in his native French. Professor Faurisson was born in England to a French father, and a Scottish mother, although for most of life he lived in France. This video is in parts which describes various phases…

The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein By Jim Rizoli.

The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein. Jim Rizoli of talks (12 minutes) about the book "The Holocaust Industry" by Dr Norman Finklestein. Jim says Finklestein exposed the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie as a scam. Finklestein is a Jew and recieved a great deal of flak about the book. Jim shows a interview with Finklestein, in…

Professor Robert Faurisson explains The Final Solution (8:05 min)

Professor Robert Faurisson explains The Final Solution. Professor Robert Faurisson was an incredibly brave individual who took on the "Holocau$t" atrocity liars in his native France. Exceptionally intellligent, and highly educated – he was a specialist in document analysis. For his heroic stance in rebutting the "Holocau$t" lie, he was dragged through the courts on…

Jim Rizoli Interviews Michael Santomauro Mar 25 2016 (55:39 MIn)

Jim Rizoli Interviews Michael Santomauro Mar 25 2016. Jim Rizoli, an active individual campaigning against the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie, interviews Michael Santomauro in this (55 minutes) video. Jim asks Michael about his background. Michael says he grew up in the Bronx, in New York. Michael (an Catholic of Italian origin) tells Jim that the Bronx…

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