Month: April 2023

The Tolerant Man Who Could Not Be Tolerated

In 2019, and for a couple of years after, we all heard about the “Holocaust-denying” high-school principal William Latson. Most who heard about that of course never checked whether the characterization was accurate. Even some politicians who stated forceful opinions on the matter, it turns out, apparently never bothered to check what they were saying. On…

The Seventh Gas Chamber of Majdanek

Seven homicidal gas chambers are said to have existed at the Majdanek Camp. At least, that was what the public has been told by Polish authorities between 1945 and the early 2000s. Six of these chambers have been well-described, and they had some "criminal traces" to give them at least a little credence. But the seventh of them, a room in the center of the camp's crematorium, never made any sense at all, and has been the laughing stock of open-minded observers for decades. In the meantime, the Majdanek Museum has admitted that this room (and four of the others) were not homicidal gas chambers after all. By going to the sources, this paper addresses the question how it could happen that a ludicrous claim such as this could have evolved in the first place.

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