Month: March 2022

Wilhelm Canaris: A Traitor to the German Nation

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris headed Adolf Hitler’s military intelligence service for nine years. He is one of the most enigmatic figures of the Third Reich. Robert Kempner, the U.S. deputy prosecutor at Nuremberg, said that Canaris had a Jekyll and Hyde split personality. Kempner wrote that Canaris was “the man who organized the National Socialist fifth column, who… introduced the murderous weapons of sabotage and surreptitious infiltration and sent German soldiers on suicide missions and who, on the other hand, permitted individual officers to conspire against the regime.” This article discusses the career of Adm. Canaris, and also attempts to uncover the motives of this extremely controversial German.

The Jewish Conspiracy to Promote the “Holocaust”

I recently participated in a discussion thread to an article written by Thomas Dalton. A lady on this discussion thread asked me: “Is there a Jewish conspiratorial Holocaust hoax group. If there is one, I am not aware of one. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Do you know anyone who has ever been in this group?” This article documents some of the numerous Jewish groups and individuals who have conspired to promote the official Holocaust story.

E. Michael Jones takes on the Holocaust – Part One

Who is E. Michael Jones? Dr. E. Michael Jones, erstwhile professor of English at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, is a very conservative Catholic who has written a number of books espousing a traditional Catholic perspective. He is a popular guest on interview shows in alternative media because of his strong, vividly expressed views. In…


Lady Michele Renouf, the beautiful, elegant and intelligent fighter against the Holoco$t is interviewed and talks about the original Jewish homeland created by Stalin in Siberia. Lady Renouf states in this video (47 minutes) her refreshing and intelligent views regarding the terrible situation in Palestine. As Lady Renouf says that the Jewish homeland in Siberia,…

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