On the Holocaust Controversy

Nos. 3 to 8 · www.Codoh.com · 1991

Revisionist News & Comments

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Smith’s Report, no. 6, August 1991

Greetings: In this issue of Smith's I have news about the American Jewish Committee, a new publication for Talk Media professionals, how Holocaust Revisionism has begun to stir up interest in the alternative press and the latest on the Campus Project at Northwestern. A Valuable New Publication I first heard about Talkers: The Newspaper for…

Smith’s Report, no. 7, October 1991

Greetings: Here's news about the new and potentially very important Video Project; an update on the affair at TALKERS: The National Newspaper of Talk Media; more on how Revisionism is entering the counter culture through “alternative” publishing; the National Association of Campus Activities; mail from readers; the issue of thought police in Revisionist circles; publishing…

Smith’s Report, no. 4, April 1991

Friend: Northwestern University The Northwestern Project is running like clockwork, just about like I predicted (see: Smith's Report #2 & #3). The CODOH Open Debate announcement has appeared in the Daily Northwestern once each week on Thursday since 11 January. During January after the Daily and the NW Review published a couple letters from me…

Butz fireside canceled after students’ protest

A fireside featuring controversial electrical engineering Assoc. Prof. Arthur Butz scheduled for last night was canceled because of student outrage and conflicts with the Jewish holiday of Purim. Butz, a “Holocaust revisionist,” denies that the Nazis had a policy of mass killings of Jews during World War II. He was scheduled to speak on “A…

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