Month: November 1999

Manfred Roeder Sentenced for Holocaust Comment

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”George Orwell An outspoken German Nationalist was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison without parole for “denying” the Holocaust. Manfred Roeder, 70, was sentenced for having referred to the Holocaust as “humbug” during an August 1998 election rally in the eastern German city of Stralsund. With no…

The Active Revisionism of Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit (12 November 1999)

Noël Mamre, a Green MP, finds himself steadily rebuked, on radio as on television, for his acquaintance with another Green, Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, the elder brother of “Danny the Red”. He is censured for “Gaby” Cohn-Bendit's compromising relations, twenty years ago, with revisionists such as Pierre Guillaume, head of La Vieille Taupe (“The Old Mole”), Serge…

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