Author: Roberto Hernández

Roberto Hernández is the pen name of a frequent contributor to Smith's Report and the Codoh blog. He also assists in various ways with Codoh's Campus Project and outreach.

The Case of Axel Möller

Background on the prosecution of the German editor who used to have a leading role in the German edition of Altermedia, an alternative media outlet, who eventually had to serve a year in prison.

Breaking the Spell: The Kollerstrom Story

This fine British scholar of good repute found his way from looking critically into government claims about the London Tube bombing to the biggest of all taboos, to find the truth and lose his reputation...

Israel to Form Coalition for World Internet Censorship

Israeli Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, urges European countries to work on a legislation  that would censor the content in social media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others.

Israel promueve Coalición para censura de Internet

En un nuevo atentado contra la libertad, el Ministro de Seguridad  Publica  Israelí, , Gilad Erdan,  intenta crear una coalición con la participación de países europeos para crear una censura en el contenido de las redes sociales.

¿Oliver Stone dejará las cosas claras?

En una insólita entrevista, el gran cineasta Oliver Stone habla del control de los medios por la ideología judía  y de la visión que éstos han creado en el pueblo estadounidense, también se refiere a una nueva película altamente controversial que tiene en mente crear.  

The Vermont Cynic: Bradley Smith's Last Campus Project

An unexpected report from the student newspapers of  U of Vermont, the Vermont Cynic, shows the last of Smith's Campus Project.

El fin del “Campus Proyect”  de Bradley Smith: The Vermon Cynic

Un artículo publicado en el perdiódico estudiantil de la Universidad de Vermont, The Vermont Cynic, nos da los últimos rastros del "Campus Project" de Bradley Smith y crea nuevas controversias. 

Georgetown University Gets $10 Million for Holocaust Study Center

Georgetown University, according to to The Washington Post, has gotten a $10 million, to create a Holocaust Study Center.

Donan  $ 10 millones  de dólares a la  Universidad de Georgetown para Centro de Estudios del Holocausto

Un donativo de diez millones de dólares, servirá a Georgetown University para crear un nuevo centro de estudios sobre el holocausto, según los reportes del diario estadounidense The Washington Post

Deborah Lipstadt Defends Holocaust Denial?

In a debate at the Oxford Union Society delivered at Oxford University, Deborah Lipstadt declares herself against laws that punish Holocaust Denial and limit Freedom of Speech.

¿Deborah Lipstadt defiende Negacionismo del Holocausto?

En un debate para la Union Society de la universidad de Oxford, Deborah Lipstadt se declara en contra de la penalización de la negación del holocausto.

The Vermont Cynic Revisited

New information on the Vermont Cynic, as part of the follow up for Codoh's "Campus Project"

El “Vermont Cynic” Revisitado

Este es un seguimiento al "campus project" en la Universidad de Vermont  y el último proyecto en  que el  Bradley Smith participó.

Holocaust Survivors Eating Human Flesh: Freddie Knoller’s Testimony

Holocaust survivor’s testimonies are used to fuel and perpetuate the unique monstrosity of the Germans and are one of the fundamental pillars of the Orthodox Holocaust Narrative.

Sobrevivientes del Holocausto Comieron Carne Humana: Testimonio de Freddie Knoller

YouTube Shuts Down the Other Side of History:

According to Reuters, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, starting at the beginning of June, will begin removing what they call videos that glorify “Nazi ideology” (whatever that actually means) or promote groups that claim superiority to others to justify several forms of discrimination.  Let’s remember one thing about YouTube It is the largest video outlet hence…

Bradley R Smith debates on the Phil Donahue Show 1994

The Donahue Show 1994 (Complete) Holocaust Debate Phil Donahue Show – guests: Bradley R. Smith founder of CODOH and David Cole vs. Michael ShermerBradley Smith and David Cole suggest some things just need to be investigated more deeply. Bradley R Smith was the founder of CODOH and here in this (41 minute) video, he appears…

In the Front Lines

In 2016, CODOH lost its key member and founder. Bradley R. Smith, ironically on his birthday, Feb 18, in the morning after battling with cancer for nearly eight years, died. He was a unique collaborator, and revisionist; in fact, during much of his life he directed CODOH and made the big decisions as to where…

Memorabilia: Coffee with Bradley Smith: Buchenwald Gas Chambers

Bradley R. Smith, founder of CODOH, was also the biggest activist of free speech and free exchange of ideas with regard to the Holocaust question on American campus university .Here you will get a glimpse into how your typical world reknowed professor models the evasion of simple historical questions for students.  

Memorabilia: Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Chapter One

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist tells the story of how I ( Bradley R. Smith) first became aware of revisionist arguments challenging the orthodox Holocaust story, how it felt—how it felt was that it made me feel ashamed and made the palms of my hands sweat—and the first information I had the misfortune (?) to…

The Campus Project in 2016: A Quiet Campaign for Free Speech in American Universities

Having a presence in campus has been an ambitious project for us at CODOH. It was certainly our late founder Bradley R. Smith’s main task and objective to promote intellectual freedom and free inquiry in the American university, a place where taboo should not be bigger than ideas, and free inquiry may not be punished…

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