Month: March 2020

Eyewitness Testimony to the Genocide of European Jewry

Inevitably when anyone questions the genocide of European Jewry, eyewitness testimony is raised as proof that the genocide happened. This article shows that the eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust story have proved to be extremely unreliable and ineffective in proving its validity. Trial Testimony John Demjanjuk, a naturalized American citizen, was accused by eyewitnesses of…

Revisionist Discussion – Alison Chabloz Charles Krafft Charles Lincoln (1:46:52)

Alison Chabloz, Charles Krafft and Charles Lincoln. 2019 Alison Chabloz (AC), the attractive, intelligent singer, Charles Krafft (CK), the brilliant artist, and Charles Lincoln (CL) discuss the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie in this video (One hour 46 minutes). Alison, Charles and Charles discuss numerous aspects of the Holocau$t. The London Agreement, which ratified the "findings" at…

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