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Mark Weber, Interview with Jim Rizoli, Feb. 10, 2016

Mark Weber, currently director of the Institute for Historical Review, explains his getting involved into Holocaust revisionism, and what he thinks of it now.

Friedrich P. Berg, Interview with Jim Rizoli, March 5, 2016

Fritz Berg explains his getting involved into Holocaust revisionism, and what he thinks of it now.

John Kaminski, Interview with Jim Rizoli, March 15, 2016

John Kaminski explains his getting involved into revisionism and the issue of Jewish power and influence.

 Memorabilia : Fred Leuchter Gas Chamber Expert

An interview with Fred Leuchter about gas chambers.

The Leuchter Report

Jim Rizoli goes over the famous Leuchter Report on the impossibilities of there being homicidal gas chambers in the camps during the so called Holocaust.

Treblinka Nonsense

In this short clip, Jim Rizoli explains the ludicrous nonsense actually claimed by Holocaust hate propagandists in regard to the Treblinka camp. In the time period of about 8 months, about 900,000 Jews were killed by Co2 from U-Boat Engines, or by steam, or something and then their bodies were buried in big pits. Later on the Germans exhumed all the dead Jews, and burnt all the corpses, leaving no trace. So it happened, say the Holocaust hate propagandists, but all the evidence was destroyed. Typical lying Communist “evidence”.

Jim and Diane in Auschwitz (2:08)

Jim and Diane in Auschwitz.

Our Reply to David Cole

I'm, Diane and Fred Leuchter reply to what David Cole says in his video.

Eric Hunt Turns his Back on the TRUTH

Jim Rizoli and Fred Leuchter discuss how this could happen.

Jim Rizoli Rattles David Coles Cage

In this 54 minute clip, the revisionist, David Cole answers questions from viewers of his previous clips. Those who rebut the “gas chambers” lie, come from all races and ethnic groups, although they are regularly portrayed as “Neo-Nazis”. David Cole, being Jewish (one among many) gives the lie to the Zionist claim that revisionists are simply right wing individuals in “denial”.

Who Wrote the Leuchter Report

In this 36 minute clip, Jim Rizoli and Fred Leuchter discuss the authorship of the Leuchter report. The Leuchter report was a major turning point against the “Holocaust” hate atrocity propaganda. Fred, an American execution engineering expert, was employed to investigate the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz-Birkenau for the Ernst Zundel defence team at his trial for denying the “Holocaust”. Fred, who like most people had assumed the “gas chambers” was historically true, was stunned that there was no evidence of “gas chambers” or any evidence that the “gas chambers” had been used in a such a way. He then wrote a report detailing his findings.
Placing himself on the revisionist “slippery slope”, Fred was smeared, traduced and attacked by Communists and Zionists.

Auschwitz Krema 1 LIES

In this fifteen minute clip, Jim Rizoli exposes the lies told by the “Holocaust” hate atrocity propagandists regarding Crematorium (Krema) Number 1 at Auschwitz 1 (The original camp).

Auschwitz Death Wall

In this ten minute clip, Jim Rizoli exposes another lie from the Holocaust hate atrocity propaganda lie. At Auschwitz, visitors are shown a wall where it is claimed 20,000 prisoners were executed.

Auschwitz Tour Nonsense

In this 8 minute clip, Jim Rizoli exposes the claims of the “guides” at the Auschwitz I concentration camp. Here the guide states, that the “gas chamber” was only built in 1941, and there were no “gas chambers” in the previous two years.

The Holocaust Unveiled (1:11:50)

The Holocaust Unveiled  This video (one hour and eleven minutes) looks at the incredible level of violence that is meted out to those heroic individuals who expose the "Holoco$t" as a lie. Every effort is made by Zionist organisations to prevent the information getting out. All sorts of repression is brought into action, from bombs,…

Cremation Nonsense (21:04 min)

Cremation Nonsense Jim Rizoli, of responds to a message in response to his recent showing of a clip by Owen Benjamin, regarding cremations. Jim shows that crematory ovens need to be maintained, started up and allowed to cool, and the bricks replaced after a certain number of cremations, etc. Just simple arithmatic disproves the…

Pearl Harbor (28 :19 min)

Pearl Harbor  In this video (28 minutes) Jim Rizoli and the delightful Diane King talk about Pearl Harbor as it was the 80th anniversary recently. What would have been the situation if Pearl Harbor did not happen? Was it a false flag operation? Was the Pearl Harbor attack, the inevitable result of American actions? Was…

Veteran’s Day BitChute Video Comments, Pt 2, Nov 12, 2021 (30:46 min)

Veteran's Day BitChute Video Comments, Pt 2, Nov 12, 2021 Jim Rizoli of looks at Veterans day, together with the delightful Diane King. Jim doesn't pull any punches in this (30 minute) video. Jim maintains that US veterans are treated really badly, worse than illegal immigrants.   

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