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CODOH Year 1 · 1999/2000

Between late 1999 and late 2002, The Revisionist was edited and published by CODOH. Only the first three issues appeared in print, the rest merely online.

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Facing up to the Truth

The Revisionist, Helen Schulman, Crown Publishers, 1998 The Revisionist is a work of fiction (with no affiliation or connection to the magazine that you are currently reading) that confronts psychological “denial” on multiple levels. Helen Schulman has written a fast-paced book in which her main character, a neurotic neurologist, David Hershleder learns to cope with…

The David Irving Case Unfolds

In early January, a libel trial convened in London, pitting dissident historian David Irving against Deborah Lipstadt, an American professor of religion. Irving, the plaintiff, claims that Lipstadt libeled him in her book, “Denying the Holocaust”, charging that she made many false statements about him and his associations and that as a direct result of…

Holocaust Orthodoxy: The Road Paved with Moral Certainty

Probably the greatest letdown yet for the traditional Holocaust school of thought came during the second week of the Irving vs. Lipstadt libel trial, currently underway in London. While many prominent defenders of the usual story had predicted that Irving would be forced to concede that he was wrong, and that Holocaust Revisionism would be…

War Crimes Trials

Approximately 10,000 “War Crimes Trials” have been held since 1945. Trials of Japanese military personnel ended in 1949, yet “war crimes trials” of Germans and Eastern Europeans continue to date. Almost invariably, the charge is “violation of the laws and customs of war”, derived, in turn, from international conventions signed at the Hague in 1899…

A Challenge from the USHMM

The core of the Holocaust story is the assertion that the Nazis massacred millions of Jews in gas chambers, then disposed of their bodies in crematoria. While no one disputes the existence of concentration camps or that the bodies of dead inmates were cremated, revisionists do dispute the claim that the Germans installed or operated…

The Eichmann Gambit

When confronted with the horns of dilemma, pick up a handful of sand and throw it in the bull's eyes. The defense attorneys for Deborah Lipstadt must have had something like that in mind, for in the last days of the Irving trial they made a spectacular but utterly meaningless gesture: they announced that they…

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