At the moment, we distinguish between two different kinds of videos:

  • Chats &: Interviews: These are casual monologues or dialogues on a variety of topics, but usually focusing on history and free speech.
  • Documentaries and lectures: These are presentations of scholarly style and contents, again with the same focus.

Pick the subcategory you want in order to sort the videos into one of those categories.

Chats & Interviews | Documentaries


Lady Michele Renouf, the beautiful, elegant and intelligent fighter against the Holoco$t is interviewed and talks about the original Jewish homeland created by Stalin in Siberia. Lady Renouf states in this video (47 minutes) her refreshing and intelligent views regarding the terrible situation in Palestine. As Lady Renouf says that the Jewish homeland in Siberia,…

Hitler’s Final Testament the Ultimate Red Pill (26:35 min)

Hitler's Final Testament the Ultimate Red Pill Jim Rizoli of talks (26 minutes) about a recent clip by Mike King regarding Hitler's Final Testament. Jim notes that this document is the ultimate red pill. [Note: In the film the Matrix, the "hero" of offered the choice a red pill which reveals the (horrific) truth…

The Holocaust Unveiled (1:11:50)

The Holocaust Unveiled  This video (one hour and eleven minutes) looks at the incredible level of violence that is meted out to those heroic individuals who expose the "Holoco$t" as a lie. Every effort is made by Zionist organisations to prevent the information getting out. All sorts of repression is brought into action, from bombs,…

Owen Benjamin Talks about the Holocaust (11:13 min)

  Jim Rizoli of talks (11 minutes) about Owen Benjamin. Owen Benjamin Smith is an alt-right personality, an comedian and internet poster. He has been banned from vaious platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, youtube) for his views on the "Holoco$t". Here, Jim plays a clip from a recent podcast from Owen stating his reasons for…

Ernest Zündel : The Ultimate Interview Part 2 (48:52 min)

  Ernest Zundel continues to talks frankly about his life in this Samisdat produced video (44 minutes) in July 1999. Here, Ernst talks about his views on a number of subjects. He talks about Hitler and National Socialism, the so-called "Democracy" in various countries, the gulf that is developing between the ordinary people with their…

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