Month: August 2020

Fat Jews Skinny Jews in Camps

In this 5 minute clip, Jim Rizoli, raises a point about the Communist & Zionist hate propaganda called the “Holocaust”.Jim shows that while the “Auschwitz Album” shows healthy and fit Jews arriving at the Birkenau camp, no crematory photos show normal sized bodies being cremated or waiting to be cremated. But those promoting this hate…

The HoloHoax Shakedown

In this 25 minute clip, William Pierce of the National Vanguard magazine, shows how Holocaust hate propagandists are utilising their incredible media power to extort billions of dollars from various countries (in this case, Switzerland) and companies (such as Volkswagen).William compares the Zionist extortion to an armed robber, who is incredibly invited to come again….

Early Revisionism outside Occupied Germany

A relatively obscure German-language monthly magazine was published in Buenos Aires from 1947 to 1957 named Der Weg (The Path), published by the Dürer-Verlag there. It reported the post-war era from abroad – that is, free from the control and censorship of Germany’s occupiers. Thus, early versions of revisionist thought and analysis appear in the…

Pastor Steven Anderson The Holocaust Hoax Exposed

Pastor Steven Anderson was continually assailed by the “Holocaust” atrocity lie when speaking out about the fraudulent claims of pro-Zionist Christians.Here he examines the “gas chamber” drivel and in this 37 minute clip shows it to be complete nonsense. He shows a plaque at Auschwitz stating that four million people were killed by the Nazis….

Israeli Holocaust Museum There’s No Physical Evidence of the Holocaust

In this 5 minute clip which NEEDS to be seen, an official at the Israeli “Holocaust” museum at Yad Yeshem, casually admits that it is “distressing” to find that of the 1,000,000 + victims (mostly Jewish) of the “homocidal gas chambers” at Auschwitz 2 from1942 to 1944, where there was a resident population of 60,000…

Ernst Zündel: and Anti-German Hate 1978 (56:23 min)

Ernst Zündel And Anti-German Hate 1978. In this (56 minute) Ernst Zundel (1939 – 2019) talks about the incredible volume of hatred against Germans on the "Canadian" media. Ernst relates some specific numerous examples that appear not only on the television, the cinema, but in literature. Ernest talks of the disgusting and utterly vile fictional book…

Jim Rizoli Rattles David Coles Cage

In this 54 minute clip, the revisionist, David Cole answers questions from viewers of his previous clips. Those who rebut the “gas chambers” lie, come from all races and ethnic groups, although they are regularly portrayed as “Neo-Nazis”. David Cole, being Jewish (one among many) gives the lie to the Zionist claim that revisionists are…

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