Month: August 2020

Holohoax Tales Elie Wiesel was Liberated from Multiple Concentration Camps

CODOH founder Bradley Smith talks about Nobel prize-winning Holocaust propagandist Elie Wiesel and his contradictory claims that he was liberated from multiple concentration camps. Brad cites facts that Wiesel said that he was in three camps (Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz) at the time of his liberation.

David Irving: Winston Churchill and His Secret Communications with President Roosevelt (1:07:27)

David Irving Winston Churchill and His Secret Communications with President Roosevelt. Here David Irving, the brilliant author and incredible researcher gives a speech (one hour 7 minutes) about the links between Roosevelt and Churchill. David explains that the secret of writing Real History is find discrepancies between documents in various archives. He gives examples of…

Treblinka Nonsense

In this short clip, Jim Rizoli explains the ludicrous nonsense actually claimed by Holocaust hate propagandists in regard to the Treblinka camp. In the time period of about 8 months, about 900,000 Jews were killed by Co2 from U-Boat Engines, or by steam, or something and then their bodies were buried in big pits. Later…

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