Month: November 1996

Lutheran Minister Sentenced to Six Months for Revisionism

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”George Orwell A lower court in Heilbronn, Germany, has sentenced Manfred Junger, 58 years old, to six months imprisonment without probation for distributing pamphlets which challenge the official history of the “Holocaust.” The pamphlets cast doubt on the claims regarding “gas chambers” at Auschwitz. This is the second…

Plan of Auschwitz Crematorium II

Plan of Auschwitz Crematorium II. Leichenkeller 1. Below ground level morgue. Leichenkeller 2. Below ground level morgue. Leichenkeller 3. Below ground level morgue. Furnace room. Ground level only. 15 cremation muffles. Corpse elevator. Only the small central part of the building, where the furnace room joined Leichenkeller 1 and 2, had two levels. Corpse chute….

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