Month: August 2010

New “Memorial Center” Planned for the Sobibór “Death Camp”

By Thomas Kues On 17 August 2010 the Zionist news site YNet published the following item: “Israel will continue to support efforts to set up a memorial center at Sobibor, according to an agreement reached by the director general of the Ministry of Information and Diaspora Affairs Ronen Plot and the Chairman of the Yad…

Thomas Mann’s War-time Radio Speeches and the Genesis of the Mass Gassing Allegations

By Thomas Kues Thomas Mann (b. 1875) is one of the most well known German writers of the 20th century, famous for among others the novels Buddenbrooks, Tonio Kröger, Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain. In 1905 he married the Jewess Katia Pringsheim. In 1929 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Already…

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