No. 1

The Revisionist, No. 1, Nov. 1999

CODOH Series · No. 1 · November 1999

The individual articles of this issue are listed below.

David Irving and the Normalization of Gas Chamber Skepticism

Revisionists have found it very difficult to overcome the tremendous inertia of conventional wisdom and beliefs about World War II and the Holocaust. As a result, revisionists have usually been ignored in the major media, and when they have been discussed on occasion in books or magazines it has only been in the context of…

A Fake Eyewitness to Mass Murder at Belzec

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum knowingly exploits a known fraud to propagate the “genocide” theory. Few alleged eyewitnesses to the Nazi “extermination” camps have been as influential, and as honored, as Jan Karski. Karski, who worked as a spy and courier in the Polish underground in World War II, personally briefed such American leaders…

A Challenge from the USHMM

No other historical event enjoys the massive, separate commemoration on the national Mall in Washington that is accorded to the Holocaust, the catastrophe suffered by the European Jews during the Second World War. The authorities who created the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum have sought to exploit to the full, and beyond, this privileged location for…

Holocaust Literature vs. holocaust scholarship

Having recently finished reading Nation on Trial, Norman Finkelstein's acclaimed critique of Daniel J. Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners, I was struck by his identification of an important distinction. Finkelstein draws a contrast between what he calls “holocaust scholarship,” which he defines as historical and multicausal, and “Holocaust literature,” which he defines as ahistorical and monocausal….

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