Month: October 2019

Sorry, Mom. I Was Wrong about the Holocaust (5:50 min)

German Canadian Monika Schaefer realizes that the Jewish Holocaust is a fraud and regrets having been sharp with her German immigrant parents, blaming them before for ‘not having done something to prevent the Holocaust.’ Now that she realizes the Holocaust is a fraud, she is apologizing to her dead Mom for having been so unjust to…

Germany, Bastion of Europe: Stalin’s War of Conquest

Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 is widely presented by historians as an unprovoked act of aggression by Germany. Hitler is typically described as an untrustworthy liar who maliciously abrogated the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact he had signed with the Soviet Union. Historians usually depict Joseph Stalin as a hapless victim of Hitler’s aggression, but the Soviet archives show that the Soviet Union had amassed the largest and most-powerful army in history. Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union was a desperate preemptive attack to prevent the Soviet Union from conquering all of Europe.

Michael Collins Piper MCP Paul Fromm E. Stanley Rittenhouse Ralph Forbes 1 Sep 2006 (45 min)

Ernst Zundel case in Germany, Holocaust – no order by Hitler, David Irving jailed in Austria in 1989, 27 Germany is a ZOG, 33 Stan Rittenhouse book ‘For fear of the jews’ 1982, 35 Ralph Forbes, how the jews destroyed Liberty Lobby (Roy Bullock ADL agent busted by MCP). This is a fantastic talk about…

The Reluctant Conqueror: Germany’s Invasions of Greece, Yugoslavia and North Africa

The question is often asked: If Hitler wanted peace, why did he invade so many countries? This article explains why Germany invaded and occupied Greece, Crete, Yugoslavia as well as several areas in North Africa. It will also discuss some of the effects of Germany’s invasion and occupation of these areas.

Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners David McCalden (Part 1 of 5)

David McCalden investigates the Holocaust and tests the claims made about this important aspect of history. David McCalden was a British political activitist. Dave was born in Northern Ireland, and eventually emigrated to the United States. Here he teamed up with Bradley R Smith, founder of CODOH. Dave was a pioneering campaigner for exposing the…

All That for … This?

World War II was supposedly fought to stop fascist aggression and to create democratic institutions in the liberated nations of Europe. However, within a remarkably short period after the war, the Soviet Union ruthlessly subjected Eastern Europe to its totalitarian control.

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