At the moment, we distinguish between two different kinds of videos:

  • Chats &: Interviews: These are casual monologues or dialogues on a variety of topics, but usually focusing on history and free speech.
  • Documentaries and lectures: These are presentations of scholarly style and contents, again with the same focus.

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Chats & Interviews | Documentaries

Cremation Nonsense (21:04 min)

Cremation Nonsense Jim Rizoli, of responds to a message in response to his recent showing of a clip by Owen Benjamin, regarding cremations. Jim shows that crematory ovens need to be maintained, started up and allowed to cool, and the bricks replaced after a certain number of cremations, etc. Just simple arithmatic disproves the…

The Jerusalem Report Interview Ernst Zündel 1996 (31:41 min)

The Jerusalem Report Ernst Zunde (1939 – 2017) was a great fighter for the truth, and suffered severly in his battle to expose the "Holoco$t" lie. In this Samisdat produced video (31 minutes) he is interviewed by Jews from the Jerusalem Report, an Israeli magazine, on the 5th February 1996. Notice how calmly Ernst answers the…

The Battling Barrister, Doug Christie on Crossfire (23:32 min)

The Battling Barrister The video (23 minutes) looks at Douglas Hewson Christie, the "battling barrister" (1946 – 2013). Doug is best known for his superb defense of Ernst Zundel during the "great Holocau$t trial", In one exchange with a Jewish "expert" on the "holocau$t", a certain Hilberg, Doug managed to make him reveal that in…

The Political Cesspool: David Cole (December 11, 2021) (38:26 min)

The Political Cesspool: David Cole David Cole was an associate of CODOH founder Bradley Smith and often appeared on TV shows with him to answer questions by talk show hosts. As a Jew, David Cole, was regarded by "Holoco$t" liars with absolute loathing and hatred. Ironically, the Jewish Defence League threatened to kill him. Concerned…

Ernst Zündel, Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter at Zündelhaus (17 June 1989) (1:15:22)

In this historic Samisdat produced video (one hour and 15 miutes) we see three great fighters for the truth. Each one of these great men, Ernst Zundel (1939-2017), Professor Robert Faurisson (1929-2018) and Fred Leuchter (1943-) suffered a great deal in the struggle. All had their careers ruined by Zionist "Holoco$t" enforcers. The three men suffered…

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