At the moment, we distinguish between two different kinds of videos:

  • Chats &: Interviews: These are casual monologues or dialogues on a variety of topics, but usually focusing on history and free speech.
  • Documentaries and lectures: These are presentations of scholarly style and contents, again with the same focus.

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Chats & Interviews | Documentaries

David Irving in Niagara Falls (1:09:27)

David Irving in Niagara Falls  In this Samisdat produced video (One hour nine minutes) Ernst Zundel (1939 – 2017) introduces David Irving, the brilliant English best-selling author and incredible researcher. Ernst speaks for ten minutes before David goes to the rostrum. David makes a speech for about three quarters of a hour. David talks about his…

Alfred Schaffer Update With Monika (June 19, 2021), DEC 26, 2021 (30:53 min)

The delightful Monika Schaffer of the Truth and Justice for Germany Society gives an update (30 minutes) of the status of her brother Alfred. Alfred is a fearless fighter for Germany, and dedicated for giving his fellow Germans, the truth about the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie.

150,000 Holocaust Survivors Get $1,400 Covid Grants from Germany ( 56 segs)

The "Holocau$t" has evolved in many ways. The "gas chamber" lie started as atrocity propaganda by the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) also known as MI6, the Secret Service. It was then taken up by the Allies to smear the National Socialist government of Germany. The Communists used it to discredit those had fought hardest against their…

E. Michael Jones FINALLY DISCUSSES the Holocaust Myth (1:05:39)

  Professor E. Michael Jones (born 1977) is a writer and author of many books dealing with his devout Catholic views and opinions. Here in this video (one hour and five minutes) he talks about many issues that affect the Catholic church at the present time. Some of his books touch on the various pressures on…

Israel and the Assassinations of The Kennedy Brothers (1:26:45)

Israel and the Assassinations of The Kennedy Brothers The assassination of President Kennedy left a great scar on the American mentality. This video (One hour and 26 minutes) examines the role of the Kennedy brothers in US history. Was for example, Lee Harvey Oswald working alone? Why did Jack Ruby (real name Jacob Leon Rubenstein) shoot…

David Irving: Winston Churchill Drunk Homicidal Maniac (17:19 min)

David Irving – Winston Churchill Drunk Homicidal Maniac. David Irving, the brilliant historian and superb researcher talks (17 minutes) about Winston Spencer-Churchill (who had dropped the hyphen like his father) his drunkeness, and his homicidal mania. David says that Roosevelt called Churchill, a drunken bum. Uopn being quizzed by a South African journalist about his use of…

Day of Deceit – The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor (1:24:27)

  “December 7th, 1941 – a day which will live in infamy.” So said President Franklin Roosevelt in his speech to Congress in asking for a declaration of war against Japan, citing the attack on Pearl Harbor in which over 2,000 Americans were killed. Framing the event as an unprovoked attack on American soil, FDR…

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