No. 1

Vol. 4, No. 1 · · 2012

Inconvenient History seeks to revive the true spirit of the historical revisionist movement; a movement that was established primarily to foster peace through an objective understanding of the causes of modern warfare.

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Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example

The term ritual defamation was coined by Laird Wilcox to describe the destruction of the reputation of a person by unfair, wrongful, or malicious speech or publication. The defamation is in retaliation for opinions expressed by the victim, with the intention of silencing that person’s influence, and making an example of him so as to discourage…

Resistance Is Obligatory

He who argues that peaceful dissidents on historical issues should be deprived of their civil rights for their diverging views, that is: incarcerated, is – if given the power to implement his intentions – nothing else but a tyrant (if enacting laws to support his oppressive deeds) or a terrorist (if acting outside the law)….

Relegation—A Formula for Blowback

Pre-emptive censorship is a nefarious but effective form of suppression that is as close as this issue’s editorial, in which Richard Widmann reports the peremptory expungement of Inconvenient History’s two bound annual books of our Website’s articles from the offerings of their erstwhile publisher, Lulu Publishing. Not only are our laboriously compiled books no longer…

A Postcard from Treblinka

The following is a true account of my personal visit to the camp. Certain names and dates have been changed to protect privacy. All photos are my own. Mid-summer, Warsaw. Partly sunny, mild—a nice day to visit a death camp. I had just finished with an academic conference in the suburbs of Warsaw, and had…

Bookburning in the Style of 2011

On Wednesday December 28th, Print-on-Demand publisher informed the staff at Inconvenient History that they had struck our two annual editions from availability. The so-called “Questionable Content team” briefly noted that our content was in violation of their membership agreement because it was “unlawful, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy…

The Palestinians as an “Invented People”

The name “Palestine” has been around for a long time. “Peleset”, transliterated from Egyptian hieroglyphics as “P-l-s-t”, is found in numerous Egyptian documents referring to a neighboring people or land starting from around 1150 BC. The “Philistine” States existed concurrently with the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, making up the coastal plain below Jaffa…

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