Prof. Anthony Hall: A Martyr to Free Inquiry on the Holocaust on Campus

Published: 2016-10-26

It is hard to convince some revisionists of the importance of the Campus Project. Created by Bradley R. Smith,  founder of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, better known by its acronym CODOH,  it- CODOH- has been interested not only in supporting and publishing on its site the revisionist research on the Holocaust, revision of great complexity and a must for debate, but  also,  has been occupied for many years with an essential task: that of  promoting free inquiry with regard to the Holocaust question, for the general public on the internet but in particular on university campuses- in this I am referring to those years Bradley Smith was the one doing this work-, where I have said as often as a mantra, there, in the universities in the United States ought be the place obligated to encourage students and professors to question everything, and that of course includes the Holocaust orthodoxy.

Professor Anthony Hall

To use a phrase used by Bradley Smith, we must be able to do a “routine examination” of this historical event. The Campus Project has a highly ambitious aim:  to awake that terrible hunger that free inquiry produces- imposes?- on those who dare to open the door to self-thinking, who refuse to just repeat “knowledge” as unquestionable facts, as a monolithic structure to be admired and in cases like the Holocaust, where students and professors find themselves silently affirming or loudly repeating  this “kosher data” that  orthodox historians, among many others,  have created and sealed with a taboo, so it never gets “perverted” from its original narrative.

And it was of course Bradley Smith who interested me in this taboo, who had worked for many years fighting with the tremendous social power conformed by institutions and organizations that use this taboo placed on the Holocaust, to shield from questioning the Holocaust publicly as well as  to indoctrinate and perpetuate their so-called “history of the Holocaust”. They also are inquisitorial, so if the taboo is not strong enough to prevent some from starting a free inquiry on the matter, they have the “tools” and the “infrastructure” to punish, ruining the life of the one who exposes the taboo. We know of many cases so I don’t think I need to convince you that this is true. Then, these powerful institutions and organizations have been even more successful outside the United States, with the creation of laws that made incarceration possible if you are a doubter  and of course intimidate any  intellectual activity that does not reflect the orthodox version of the Holocaust, treating  researchers like criminals, for transgressing the approved “format” of thinking about “their” Holocaust.

So the Campus Project, with its “intrusiveness” as Prof. Arthur Butz called it, represents an uncomfortable element of perversion for the orthodoxy which is imposed on students and professors alike. The presence of revisionist thinking in campus is fundamental to start – in fact we have – opening up another possibility on the narrative of the Six Million Jews killed by the unique monstrous behavior of the Germans during WWII, mainly through the devilish utilization of the “Gas Chamber” as a weapon of mass destruction.  All of this narrative is nonsensical once it is looked upon with the necessary academic rigor and at times, even if it is just contemplated and analyzed with something we all possess: common sense. 

Prof. Anthony Hall, a Canadian academic from the University of Lethbridge has been doing what many professors will not risk on doing, teaching his students to question the Holocaust narrative, among many other activities.  He has been “suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation into possible violations of the Human Rights Act”. He has been working in this University for 26 years. In a YouTube video where he explains the situation - you’ll find it here in this article- Prof. Hall says “ universities are a place where you have to be free to articulate, to question ideas, all ideas” I completely agree with Prof. Anthony Hall. He is one of those few courageous free thinkers and CODOH will keep on following his case closely, and supporting him with all the meager means at our disposal.We hope you, dear reader, also unite with us in this cause.


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Title: Prof. Anthony Hall: A Martyr to Free Inquiry on the Holocaust on Campus
Published: 2016-10-26
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