David Irving

David John Cawdell Irving was born on March 24, 1938, in Essex, England, the son of a Royal Navy Commander. After education at London University, he spent a year working in a steel mill in Germany, where he perfected his fluency in the language. His first book, The Destruction of Dresden, was published in 1963, when he was 25 years old. This was followed by many others. His books have appeared in a range of languages. Several have been serialized in prominent periodicals. He has contributed articles to some 60 British and foreign periodicals including the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Express in Britain, and Stern and Der Spiegel in Germany.

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David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938) is an English historian and author who has written on the military and political history of World War II. Here he tells how his tour through Canada was being sabotaged by those who do not want the other side to orthodox history unveiled by revisionists to be heard.

David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938) is an English historian and author who has written on the military and political history of World War II. An expert on Nazi Germany, his works include masterpieces like The Destruction of Dresden (1963), Hitler's War (1977), Churchill's War (1987), and Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich (1996).

In this second part of his one and a half hour, speech, the brilliant writer and researcher, David Irving talks of the incredible research that he undertakes around the globe to ensure that his books are as highly accurate as they can be.

In this third part of his one and a half hour speech, the brilliant writer and researcher, David Irving reveals incredible discoveries of German documents relating to Adolf Hitler and the Final Solution of the Jewish Question, the so-called "extermination of the Jews by gassing",


Some people argue that Hitler, against the advice of his chiefs of staff, let the British get away out of magnanimity. David Irving states that the records show Hitler believed the British would never retreat (presumably digging in, as in World War I). But they left - 'one of the foulest betrayals' of Britain's allies on the Continent. But it was turned into a propaganda success.

About 58 minutes long; including Q & A at the end. Irving defends his Libel prosecution - except for the Judge. He discusses 'Holocaust survivors' - people who nothing much happened to. And 'deniers'—'a sort of Goebbelsian word'. "Since about 1963 jewish organisations around the world had decided to smash me, and we know this from documents revealed in the [Lipstadt Libel] trial."

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In diesem 28-minütigen Clip spricht David Irving, der brillante revisionistische Autor und Autor zahlreicher Bücher, über das „Tagebuch“ von Doktor Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels war ein erstaunlicher Redner und Propagandist. Es könnte argumentiert werden, dass die NSDAP ohne Goebbels niemals an Macht gewonnen hätte.

In this one hour and 24 minute long video, the brilliant revisionist writer and researcher, David Irving, is featured. A short introduction details his extra-ordinary career. Beginning with his “Destruction of Dresden” a best seller, to his monumental “Hitler’s War”, David has continually and fearlessly written the truth, regardless of other bogus historians, with incredible and painstaking research. It was David who exposed the so-called Hitler Diaries, for which Rupert Murdoch paid millions of pounds, and which had been “authenticated” by Trevor-Roper, a “leading” historian.

In this 2 hour and 3 minute video, David Irving, the brilliant revisionist writer and researcher is In Arlington, Texas in 2014. Here he answers questions about a large range of subjects. He speaks of harassment from the US government and it’s agencies and expresses his fear he will be banned from the country for 10 years, as part of a sustained campaign against to suppress the truth.

In this 22 minute video, the brilliant revisionist writer and researcher David Irving, continues his superb narration of the “Desert Fox”, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. 

In this nine minute video, the brilliant, revisionist writer and researcher, David Irving, completely destroys the "Holocaust" atrocity hate propaganda lie. David shows that there is not one German "document" which talks about "gas chambers" or a "gassing of the Jews". There is no reference in German letters, diaries, notes, photocopies to "gas chambers". David shows that in 1945, that Germany was in chaos, and that any systemic destruction of documents would not have taken place. David confronted a "Holocaust" hate propagandist, who claimed she had evidence, even offering $1,000 to any successful claimant. He was just thrown out of the meeting. British codebreakers were reading German signals from the Camp staff to Berlin in 1942 and 1943, no mention of gas chambers. The camps were sending statistics of prisoners arriving, leaving for work, those dying of natural causes and executions. Aerial photos show no death pits and no mountains of coke to cremate the bodies of "gassed" Jews, and the amount of coke required to cremate 60,000 "gassed" Jews would be about 2,000 tons. In fact, says David, only 2,800 tons of coke was supplied to Auschwitz during the entire war. Books listing the number of inmates dying at Auschwitz were captured by the Red Army and these show less than 70,000. This video shows how that the "holocaust" can be examined and dismissed in NINE minutes.