A Note from the New Office Assistant

Published: 1999-06-01

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As we go to print I have to wonder if Bradley isn’t regretting, just slightly, actually paying a woman to nag him. When he hired me he said that he wanted to get organized. What the poor man didn’t know is that I am an obsessive organizer.

So here we are! We installed Microsoft Publisher and figured out how to use it. We formatted and proofed the Smith Report and it is going to the printer today. Bradley is already working on the July issue, the e-mail lists are organized in the address book, the catalog is finished, the insert is formatted, and we’ve only just begun.

Bradley’s only problem was that he had taken on too many jobs. As I’m sure all of you are aware, when you sit in an office all by yourself, surrounded by mountains of work, it can be overwhelming. I don’t know if “misery loves company” is the best description. but I did tease him one day that the sound of our two “mouses” click-clicking steadily for three hours straight reminded me of two women knitting. It was a nice, productive sound and we got the job done.

Nice meeting you all and now it’s back to work for me.

(Handwritten) Audrey

(Handwritten) The next one will be quicker. Best!


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Title: A Note from the New Office Assistant
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Published: 1999-06-01
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