Beyond What?

Published: 1995-01-01

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A reader writes to thank me for an audio cassette of a radio program I hosted on W.A.L.E. AM, then goes on to ask, again, "When are you going to challenge the Jews beyond the Holocaust ...?"

I don't expect I ever will. That's never been in the cards for me, and I have always said it isn't in the cards. The reasons are exactly those I have for not challenging the Germans beyond ... anything. I can't imagine that ordinary Germans are as responsible as their leaders for the incredibly stupid and brutal behavior of the German state in this century, any more than ordinary Americans are for that of ours. The people never get the government they deserve. I have no plan whatever for challenging "the Jews" for what's done in their name.

At the same time, I understand the thrust of the question. It addresses the double standards in public discourse in America, particularly among our elites, over bigoted Jewish religious writings, Jewish participation in the anti-Christian, Marxist-Stalinist horrors, the unnaturally bloated Jewish influence in American cultural affairs and political life (particularly relating to the Middle East), Jewish participation in the slave trade and so on.

My work with The Controversy is to encourage intellectual freedom and let the chips fall where they may. The American people are overwhelmingly Gentile. Jews make up a mere two or three percent of the American population. It shames me to be asked to protest that in America the Jewish tail wags the immense Gentile dog it’s attached to. White Gentiles are responsible for what gets talked about in our culture, and in my view every failure in it.

It was Gentiles who ran the slave trade and saddled their descendants with our horrific racial problems; Gentiles who took the State to war with Germany ("the racial heartland") twice in this century, Gentiles who ran the tribunal which institutionalized the gas chamber-Holocaust story, and it's Gentile academics today who don't have enough courage to ask, or encourage others to ask, the questions that need to be asked about our own history

And after all the Christian bashing that has gone on in this country during my lifetime, oftentimes by Jews, it has been Gentiles who have been unwilling to return the favor by addressing, in a civilized way, the primitive anti-Christian ugliness in the Talmud. Jews aren't our problem. We are our problem.

In the back of my head I hear many voices saying, But you challenge Jews all the time—about the gas chambers. Yes—but not because they're Jews. I challenge those who direct the Holocaust Lobby because the Lobby, by arguing against intellectual freedom, corrupts public discourse for all of us, including Jews. The Lobby is owned and run by Jews. Why have I chosen to challenge a lobby run by Jews rather than one run by Gentiles? The play of the cards. It's not much of a hand; it's the one I drew.

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