Canadian Broadcasting Company Spreads the Word

Published: 2016-07-15

A music teacher and would-be Green Party candidate in recent elections who lives in Alberta put up a five-minute video on YouTube that explains how, through the relentless promotion/enforcement of the Big Lie, she faced anti-German discrimination through her childhood and even, as any thoughtful child might do, confronted her parents about how they, immigrants from Germany, could have allowed the things to happen that she was being persecuted for.

Monika Schaefer

Having learned, evidently at a late age, that she, her parents, and all Germans everywhere are greatly the victims of anti-German propaganda with but the most-threadbare basis in fact, she undertakes a public apology to her parents, both long-since departed this world, for her indoctrinated presumption of a guilt they might share in as Germans in Germany during World War II.

In her quiet, reasoned and crystal-clear presentation, she reminds me much of Ursula Haverbeck, the German woman of about the same age recently sentenced to prison for having voiced similar views in Germany in the language of that place. While Schaefer acknowledges the broad outlines of events today forming the seed crystal for “the Holocaust,” she goes on to report her discovery that “these things didn’t happen.” That was an unfortunate imprecision over which now she is being threatened with legal action. Even more-so than in the United States (for now), in Canada you’ve got to be careful what you say and how you say it, because getting it wrong can and will land you in jail. Schaefer may soon join Haverbeck behind bars, today’s gentler equivalent of the cross of Calvary on which earlier martyrs were punished for their incitements.

But CBC Edmonton (Alberta) has still done truth a yeoman service in posting its article on the subject of Schaefer’s heinous act and the sanctions her Green Party hastens to impose upon her, by including in its coverage the entire video. Maybe they’ll take it down soon—it’s alarmingly convincing.

Somehow, it seems to be hard to find (at least in English—it’s already been translated into several other languages) on YouTube, but from this article, you’re in possession to a link (above) directly to the video. At least, until it is taken down. From that point, you may have to satisfy yourself with versions in the other languages.

Until they’re taken down.

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