Hans Schmidt in Jail

Published: 1995-09-01

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Schmidt, founder of the German American Political Action Committee (GANPAC), is in the slammer in Schwerin, Germany. He wrote an open letter regarding the “New [right wing] Terror” and posted it to the wrong person in the wrong country.

The following information is taken from the Zuendel Website, http://www.webcom.com/~ezundel/english/ This site will most likely be updated regularly. Zuendel’s T# is: 416-922-9850.

“Dated November 4, 1994, the accused sent from Burke, VA (USA) the newsletter USA-Bericht, November 1994 to the following address: “Land Mecklenburg, Bundesrat: CDU, Rudi Geil, (sp?) Karl-Marx-Str. 1, 19055 Schwerin”.

“The content of this missive is an Open Letter the accused wrote to a journalist, Martin Klingst, commenting on his December 17, 1993 article entitled “New Terror” in the weekly paper, Die Zeit.

“In his Open Letter, he states:

“'... My God, what do you people imagine? It was the Left, the anarchists, the Jew-and-Freemason-infested political system, along with the controlled press, which have for decades hunted down all Nationals: brutally, intolerantly, unrelentingly and hatefully.’

“The expressions, 'Jew-infested’ and 'Freemason-infested’ are directed at these groups in Germany and thus consist of a form of insult or wilful derision which also affects the respective other members of these groups.”

My thoughts? I can’t imagine I would have written precisely what Hans wrote, which by the way I don’t think is so very terrible, but that’s neither here nor there with respect to his being jailed. CODOH promotes intellectual freedom, not good manners. Hans must have known what the reaction would be by the German state so he either has a plan or was very careless. In any event, Hans should be the beneficiary of support from Amnesty International and other like organizations. Will he be? As Judy Tanuta says, “it could happen,” but if it does, I’ll be surprised. Following is the text of one of several leaflets (reduced in size) that are to be passed out at U.S. airports, German consular offices and other appropriate sites:


People Traveling To


Please be advised that the German government is arresting tourists and other travelers for politically incorrect comments pursuant to German Federal Statute 130, Article 3. Although such a law would be unconstitutional in any free country, it has been upheld by German courts.


Although Harry Woo was released by Communist China, Americans are now being arrested in so-called “Free” Germany for politically incorrect written or spoken words, phrases, thoughts, and literature. U.S. citizen Hans Schmidt of Florida, for example, was arrested on August 9th at the Frankfurt Airport, after a private visit to Germany, while trying to board a plane home to the USA

Before traveling to Germany, we urge you to call the German Embassy (202) 298 4000 and the German Information Center (212) 888 9840 for a list of words, phrases, thoughts, and literature which are now forbidden in Germany.

Consider the reading material you plan to take with you—certain politically incorrect pamphlets in your luggage could land you in jail for up to 5 years. Also, consider the correspondence you may have sent to Germany in the past year or two. Hans Schmidt was arrested on in August 1995 for a letter he sent to Germany in November 1994.

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The Hans Schmidt Defense Fund
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Telephone: 908.753.7347.

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