Holes at Auschwitz

Published: 2001-09-01

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There is a saying attributed to the U.S. President Lincoln, that the law may declare a steer to be a cow but the law can not make it give milk. Similarly a building may be declared a gas chamber but that does not make it work for gassing people.

The U.S. has used the same gas for execution of murderers for some eight decades. It is used because it is one of the most lethal gases other than nerve gases. It is not a gas one uses casually even when executing just one person in a small chamber.

There are procedures for exhausting the gas and for neutralizing the traces that inevitably remain. There are numerous construction considerations. This link http://theelectricchair.com/gas_chamber_protocol.htm gives an excellent summation of the matter. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/set/crimegas.html has some pictures of chambers implementing these considerations.

Scaling up a gas chamber to a capacity of even dozens, much less hundreds or thousands, certainly must comply with those requirements as a minimum. The resulting large gas chamber should certainly bear some resemblance to the pictures.

Certainly any building called a gas chamber must certainly have much more than just holes in the ceiling to meet the requirements of the protocol and actually be a gas chamber.

Rather than show us features that would make it possible for these buildings to actually be gas chambers they rather concentrate on showing us things from stories of people who claimed to be eyewitnesses.

Holes here, a door found on a waste dump there, an exhaust fan found some place else. It rather more appears to be an episode of Junkyard Wars, a scavenger hunt, than a serious effort to make an engineering case for these buildings being gas chambers.

When addressing the serious engineering requirements they dismiss them with glib answers rather than serious engineering analysis of what they claim would work just as well.

Showing me a hole shows me only a hole. Show me the air tight seals that will work as well as the doors in the pictures. And if the seals are said unnecessary, show me the engineering details as to why similar seals are not necessary and if you find different seals, show me how they worked in egineering detail. I do not accept glib dismissals even from engineers.

Declaring a building to be a gas chamber is not even a first step in demonstrating the building could in fact have been used for gassing people in the manner claimed.

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