I Was Gassed!

A Holocaust Revisionist's Experience with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Published: 2015-07-31

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I have survived carbon-monoxide poisoning, more than once. My latest carbon-monoxide poisoning was caused by an improperly installed stove ventilation fan located next to a natural-gas hot-water heater. This latest CO poisoning was the most severe.

From my experience of being “gassed,” I have several observations pertaining to “Holocaust gassing” claims. As we are t, carbon monoxide was the mass killer in the Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Majdanek camps, as well as in the T4 euthanasia program.

However, comparing real carbon-monoxide poisoning to the fictional mass gassings in fake shower rooms we have been brainwashed into believing, there are several major inconsistencies which further expose fraudulent “Holocaust” gassing tales as bogus atrocity fiction.

This most-recent gas poisoning occurred in winter, of course, when all the windows in my apartment were closed. After having just cooked lunch, we left the ventilation fan on over the range while my roommate took a hot shower. However, due to negligence in the recent renovation of our apartment, the ventilation fan had no exhaust outside the apartment. There was no hole in the wall to exhaust its output! The ventilation fan sucked uncombusted gas and carbon monoxide out of the water heater’s burner, lethally located in a cabinet right next to the stove ventilation fan, right into the apartment.

Several minutes later, my roommate and I began to feel woozy. I heard a strange ringing in my ears. My head hurt a bit. I stood up and walked towards the kitchen. My walking was uncoordinated, and my vision became blurred. I felt like I was very drunk.

We knew something was wrong. Then I smelled gas—not the carbon monoxide, of course, but the uncombusted gas that was mixed with it.

“Gas” I called out. I wasn’t able to yell; my voice trailed off as I said that one word. Contrary to Holocaust industry claims about screaming and wailing victims, one is barely able to speak, let alone scream when one is quickly losing oxygen to the brain.

I was losing energy with every step. My vision became blurry, I was dizzy, stumbling towards a window. I rushed and opened a window, but it had little effect. I opened another window on the same side of the apartment, and tried to suck fresh oxygen into my lungs. My roommate came stumbling towards me. I saw her lose balance and try to rest on the couch, then try to get back up again. She almost fell over, and I broke her fall and placed her on the floor.

“Lie down” I said. She looked very frightened, and her face was bright red. The gas affected her more quickly than it did me.

I rushed to the window again and tried to suck more air into my lungs, but felt little benefit. By this time I was out of energy, and felt I was losing consciousness. Helping my roommate to the floor expended a lot of my internal reserve of oxygen, and my heart rate was increasing. I could only kneel near the window at this point and try to breathe in fresh air. I felt like I was close to blacking out, and knowing about the deadly nature of CO gas, truly felt near death. It felt like curtains were closing on my vision, and my consciousness.

However, there was no pain. Towards the worst of it, I even accepted my fate. Kneeling near the window, not feeling the fresh air take effect, it felt like there was nothing else I could do. Having made videos explaining how carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin, creating carboxyhemoglobin, I knew if the fresh air didn’t work, and quickly, we’d both be unconscious soon, and likely die.

So towards the worst of it, kneeling near the open window, I felt closer to death than I’ve ever felt. My vision was becoming blurry and it felt like my field of vision was narrowing, like curtains slowly closing in front of my eyes, and on my life. At that moment, to my surprise, it wasn’t so bad. There was no pain. I was able to breathe normally; just the oxygen wasn’t getting to my brain. Maybe endorphins and adrenaline kicked in at that point. I felt shocked and disappointed that I’d die in a preventable accident. I could imagine the headlines. “Holocaust Denier Gassed!” I felt it was an embarrassing way to die. I was in no pain, just sorry that I felt I was about to die. However unlike fantasy “Holocaust” victims, the last thing on my mind was screaming or yelling. In between my internal ruminations on death and gassing, breathing and holding onto consciousness was the only focus.

Thankfully I became able to get up and shut off the gas supply to the water heater. I opened windows on the opposite end of the apartment. This helped a little bit; a small breeze went through the apartment, but not nearly enough to get the poison gas out of the apartment and replace it with fresh air. With my hands on my knees, I hobbled over and opened the door on a third side of the apartment. Only then, finally, did a rush of fresh air blow through the apartment.

My roommate and I put our coats and shoes on and hurriedly left the apartment, and with our hands on our knees, due to lack of oxygen and strength, stumbled down a few flights of stairs and into the cold winter air. Relief still didn’t come, however. A different stage of the poisonous gas’s effects was beginning.

If the initial effects – disorientation, blurred vision, discoordination, were like being severely drunk, what followed was a terrible hangover.

Symptoms of CO poisoning

I had an excruciating headache for the rest of the day. It felt like no headache I have ever had before. I didn’t feel like talking. “My brain hurt.” I was incredibly thirsty. I drank water constantly thereafter. I felt like I wanted to vomit, but couldn’t.

The gas was shut off in the apartment until repairs were made and a further inspection done. We didn’t feel safe in the apartment overnight, and of course we had no hot water. We rented a hotel room, and it was only after taking a hot shower that I began to feel better.


Skin Coloration

Carbon-monoxide poisoning, as well as cyanide poisoning, results in distinctive bright, cherry red coloration on the victim’s face and extremities. Holohoaxers such as Dario Gabbai and his Sonderkom­mando cousins, the “Merchants of Venice”, the Venezia brothers, expose their lies when they claim victims turned “Black and blue.”

Another impossible carbon-monoxide-victim color is yellow, as described in Holohoaxer Jankiel Wiernik’s “A Year in Treblinka.” Notice the Wieselian fictional atrocity poetry:

“They no longer shouted, because the thread of their lives had been cut off. They had no more needs or desires. Even in death, mothers held their children tightly in their arms. There were no more friends or foes. There was no more jealousy. All were equal. There was no longer any beauty or ugliness, for they all were yellow from the gas. There were no longer any rich or poor, for they all were equal before God’s throne. And why all this? I keep asking myself that question. My life is hard, very hard. But I must live on to tell the world about all this barbarism.”


I noticed a bright red coloration on the face of my roommate, and even got a photograph. The coloration of her face was similar to this carbon monoxide poisoning victim shown below.

My pink, unconscious roommate

My pink, unconscious roommate

It’s clear the “Sonder­kommando” claiming gassing victims turned blue or yellow chose the wrong coloration, perhaps thinking their fictional gas-chamber victims would have turned blue because they were deprived of oxygen, not knowing the telltale bright cherry-red coloration of actual cyanide and carbon-monoxide victims.


Even opening windows on opposite sides of the apartment did little to disperse the gas. Opening the door on the third side of the apartment did the trick. The two real, lifesaving clo­thing-delousing gas chambers in Majdanek which had heaters / blowers attached to a wall in the middle of them, with doors on opposite ends in them likely served the same purpose my apartment’s third side door did. The operatives likely turned the heater / blower on after a gassing in addition to opening the opposite doors in order to disperse the gas quickly and entirely. In the absence of a ventilation fan, hoping for a simple cross breeze is not enough. A third source of ventilation works best.

Resuscitation of a pinkish CO-poisoning victim

Resuscitation of a pinkish CO-poisoning victim

The hoaxer-alleged “CO/Cyanide” gassing room next to the long clothing-delousing chamber at Majdanek, which has one door, a dividing wall placed where a useful, existing opposite wall ventilation door could have been useful, and an almost certainly Soviet-created crudely hacked hole in the ceiling, with a glass window which is not sealed, is not ideal whatsoever for ventilation after an alleged carbon monoxide gassing. They could have simply left the room in its original configuration, without the dividing wall, and a blower in the middle, like the room next to it, which we know was used for delousing clothing due to the telltale Prussian Blue staining on the walls. However, as Carlo Mattogno first pointed out, the room is connected to cylinders of carbon dioxide, not monoxide. What a blatant hoax!

You can try this yourself (in the winter when all the windows are closed). Try opening one window in your house and smell how long it takes to provide your entire house with fresh air. Then open two windows, opposite each other. Then open a door or window on a third side of the house or apartment and see the difference. The third source of air makes all the difference.

Of course anyone designing a real “gas chamber” would be aware of these ventilation problems, which mocks the claim that the smaller gas chamber at Majdanek, which, absent the obviously post-war Soviet created hole in the ceiling, only had one door to ventilate the room, is far from something the ingenious German engineers would have created for mass murder. In fact, your shower has better ventilation than the alleged carbon-monoxide gas chamber at Majdanek.

The average shower, which usually has a ventilation fan, has more ventilation than many of the alleged genocidal mass gas chambers. So a real shower room would actually work better as a gas chamber than the mythical fake shower rooms of mainstream fantasy. But as we know at Majdanek, the real shower rooms and real clothing-delousing chambers were separate rooms, both serving life-saving purposes.

Screaming – Highly Unlikely!

While being gassed to death, it is highly unlikely victims would manage to scream, expelling air, rather than doing their best to inhale air. When my roommate and I spoke to each other during the “gassing”, each word was difficult to speak. With a lack of oxygen-provided energy, every word was faint and trailed off towards the end. Like someone half awake. We spoke only a few words to each other, perhaps instinctively trying to preserve every last bit of energy.

While one’s body is shutting down, one’s increasingly confused and disoriented brain is focused on holding onto life and consciousness, and as one loses the ability to stand or speak, screaming becomes instinctually counter-productive to survival, as one simply hopes to inhale as much oxygen as possible in order to survive. Someone being gassed is programmed to get fresh oxygen IN to their lungs, not screaming, yelling, and blowing air OUT!

After recovering from carbon-monoxide poisoning, I joked to my roommate that the Jewish God was punishing me. I reconsidered all sides. I almost died from carbon monoxide gas. Wow. Were three million Jews really gassed in ways similar to what I just experienced? Not to mention another 1 million (give or take) in “gas vans”?

Ventilation fan in my bathroom

Ventilation fan in my bathroom … better than what is said to have been installed in most of the alleged Nazi gas chambers.

Examining in particular eyewitness testimony, it’s clear the symptoms described are impossible, simply not in the least consistent with real carbon-monoxide (or cyanide) poisoning. The victims wouldn’t have turned blue, or yellow, but would have been bright, cherry red. They likely wouldn’t scream and yell as alleged, and definitely could not make claw marks in cement walls.

In addition, technical provisions for ventilation post-gassing are not present in many of the alleged homicidal mass-gassing facilities, most prominently the smaller “Carbon monoxide” gas chamber in Majdanek.

Overall, stories of wailing, clawing, screaming Jews being gassed expose gas-chamber stories as scientifically impossible atrocity fiction. Real victims of gassing become confused, disoriented, breathe normally, but quickly lose energy, hit the floor, sometimes experience convulsions, then unconsciousness, and then death.

Carbon-monoxide poisoning, absent convulsions, is painless. It’s like being really drunk, then becoming unconscious, and while unconscious, dying. Not a bad way to go. There are small differences among “pure” carbon-monoxide poisoning, cyanide (gas) poisoning, and death by engine exhaust. However, the major symptoms have not been properly described; in fact the opposite of reality has been chosen by the vindictive former prisoners. Horror versions of gassings such as that told by Irene Zisblatt are provable lies, chosen due to the hoaxer’s ignorance of actual gassing symptoms.

The monstrous “Holocaust” gas­sing-in-fake-showers myth is strangling European civilization. But a tsunami of evidence, including that from real carbon-monoxide gassing survivors such as myself, unambiguously refutes that of “Holocaust” hoax peddlers. It’s no surprise that Revisionist heroes such as Sylvia Stolz and Vincent Reynouard are due to be imprisoned by treasonous anti-European Zionist occupation governments. The evidence refuting Holohoax gassing lies is scientific, medical, and above all – irrefutable.

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Is it worth it, [...], to continue to torment me in what little life
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and trick naive young people and old ladies to have their lives ruined for
your indefensible narrative while you hide from public view.


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