Published: 1999-06-01

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I want to post (with permission) your fine Report article exposing the Dachau photo date (see SR 62-Ed.]. The photo itself [US Signals Corps photo 207745] is not on the USHMM Website. (I checked last night: several other ones are, including the “execution” of the Dachau guards. Can one of you email a good scan of it for Web purposes please, i.e. 72 or 100 dpi, to me at [email protected] The serial number incidentally places it squarely at the end of 1945.

2. Can you supply me with a good photocopy of the USHMM fundraiser concerned (for my trial purposes against Lipstadt).

David Irving, London

And what is the sound of one hand washing the other?

Sincere thanks for what you are doing. My three sons will have a chance to learn the truth. Your newsletter always lifts my spirits because of your successful, innovative approach. I don’t know how to thank you.

AMS, Florida

Ah, but you do.

Your priorities are correct in targeting schools and universities. The minds of the young are certainly more open than those of the older generations. Here’s a suggestion. Keep on with the Arab connection. They are ready to see the truth of how Zionism exploits the so-called the exterminationist fraud, and one of them might pitch in some help with the campus ads.

Since ideas are free, here’s another one: get the David Cold video on Auschwitz translated into Arabic and distribute it in the Middle East.

J. Zimmerman, Texas

I've been working with the David Cole video for six years, and it has never occurred to me to have it translated into Arab. Several heads are better than one. It's a good idea. It's an idea that needs a project manager. Any takers?

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Published: 1999-06-01
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