New Guide to the Holy Land Is Free of Usual Propaganda

Book Review
Published: 1993-03-01

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Walking Beside Jesus in the Holy Land: An Illustrated Travel and Study Guide to the Holy Land, by Isabelle Bacon. Brattleboro, Vt.: Amana Books, 1992. Softcover. 161 pages. Illustrations, Maps. $10. ISBN 0 915597 53 5.

Isabelle Bacon with Dr. Robert John, 1992

Isabelle Bacon, holding a copy of her guide to the Holy Land, with Dr. Robert John at a meeting of Middle East specialists at the United Nations, December 23, 1992.

Coming to New York from North Carolina, Isabelle Bacon founded a Holy Land Center to encourage understanding among Christians, Jews and Moslems on the basis of “common denominators.” At a time when Golda Meir was declaring that there was no such thing as a Palestinian, Mrs. Bacon saved Palestinian artifacts, especially beautifully worked regional costumes of Palestinian women. These are now exhibited at the Peale Center for Christian Living in Pawling, New York.

On her many visits to the Holy Land, Mrs. Bacon was often disturbed by the politicization of the commentaries of tour guides, as well as by their passing on misinformation, possibly unintentionally. She has produced this useful travel guide for believers. It is a “do it yourself” book with detailed information for the visitor on what to bring, what to see, with Scriptural references, by a knowledgeable and dedicated traveler. The guide and reader share a pure “Holy Land” spirit and love for its people.

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Published: 1993-03-01
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