New Revisionist Books in Europe

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Published: 1993-07-01

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In Italy, two new books by that country's foremost Revisionist researcher, Carlo Mattogno, have been published.

Auschwitz: La Prima Gasazione ("Auschwitz: The First Gassings") is an illustrated work with extensive reference notes and a good bibliography. This handsome 190-page paperback covers some of the same ground as Mattogno's presentation at the Ninth IHR Conference (1989), "The First Gassing at Auschwitz" (published in the Summer 1989 Journal of Historical Review).

In La Soluzione Finale: Probleme e polemiche ("The Final Solution: Problems and Polemics"), an attractive 215-page paperback, Mattogno cites numerous German wartime documents that are routinely suppressed or ignored by establishment historians to demonstrate conclusively that the "final solution" referred to a policy of forced emigration and deportation – not extermination.

A three-page article in the mass-circulation Italian illustrated magazine L'Espresso, May 27, 1990 – reprinted in La Soluzione Finale – reports on the growing impact of Holocaust revisionism in Italy and around the world. The work of the Institute for Historical Review is discussed at some length in the article, which is accompanied with a photograph of "the revisionist historian Carlo Mattogno."

Mattogno's two new books are published by Edizioni di Ar, and are available from: Libreria Ar, Via F. La Francesca 26, 84100 Salerno, Italy.

From Switzerland comes Der Holocaust auf dem Prüüfstand: Augenzeugenberichte versus Naturgesetze ("The Holocaust on the Test Stand: Eyewitness Reports versus the Laws of Nature"). This new 112-page softcover book provides a well organized and up-to-date introduction to the Holocaust issue from a Revisionist perspective.

Written by Jürgen Graf, who was born in Switzerland in 1951, it includes an introduction by Swiss Revisionist researcher and activist Arthur Vogt. Der Holocaust auf dem Prüfstand is available from the publisher: Guideon Burg Verlag, Postfach 52, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland.

In Ireland, a new book that takes a Revisionist view of the Second World War, including the Holocaust extermination story, has come under fire. The Irish-language work by Róisín Ní Mheara, Cé hí seo amuigh? ("Who's Outside?"), was published in January by Coisceim. (Sunday Tribune, Dublin, Jan. 31, 1993.)

Among other things, the book characterizes reports of mass extermination in German concentration camps as "fantasies," and maintains that deaths in at least one camp were caused by typhus, which also claimed the lives of German camp personnel. Ireland's Equality Minister Mervyn Taylor, who is Jewish, has sharply criticized the work.

The book's publisher, Padraig O'Snodaigh, staunchly defends the work, calling it "a marvellous historical document." He says: "It gives an excellent insight into the English ruling class during the Second World War, and indicates how many of them accepted what was going on in Germany before the war. I don't like the lady who wrote the book, and I dislike some of the things that she says. But I am not going to get involved in the censorship of a book."

The book's author is now in her 70s. The daughter of Irish parents, Róisín Ní Mheara was adopted into the English aristocracy when she was two years old. As she grew older, she developed an abiding antipathy for the English, and during the 1930s moved to Germany, where she worked for German propagandists during the war.

Saying that the public only knows one side of what happened during the war, Ní Mheara is urging readers to be "wise and unbiased" in making up their minds.

From Germany come books by IHR editorial advisor (and 1986 IHR Conference speaker) Dr. Georg Franz-Willing. Kriegsschuldfrage der beiden Weltkriege ("War Guilt Question of the Two World Wars") was published in 1992 by Kultur-und Zeitgeschichte/ Archiv der Zeit (Rosenheim). This 200-page illustrated hardcover work favorably cites numerous works published by the IHR. In 1991 this same publisher issued Roosevelt und Churchill, a 270-page hardcover work of political biography co-authored by Dr. Franz-Willing and Adolf von Thadden.

Franz-Willing is also the author of Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Bundesrepublikanischer Nationalmasochismus ("Coming to Grips with the Past: Federal German National Masochism"), a 253-page hardcover book published in 1992 by Nation Europa Verlag of Coburg. This is a companion to his book Umerziehung ("Reeducation"), which was reviewed in the Winter 1992-93 Journal.

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