Revisionism to the World!

Published: 1997-04-01

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Porter & the German Court. Germany seeks to extend its internal suppression of free inquiry beyond its national borders. Carlos Porter isn’t having it. Includes translations of “The Order of Punishment” by Judge Zeilinger; Porter’s full, dramatic “Response” to the ruling; a courageous open letter of support from Danish Ph.D. Christian Lindtner, “Germany Violates the Freedom of Expression.” Now includes the subpoena from the German court and Porter’s remarkably direct defiance of it. 15pp. $10

First full-text English translation of Heinrich Himmler’s important Posen speech No wartime speech on German policy toward the Jews is as controversial as the one Heinrich Himmler, commandant of the SS, delivered at Posen in eastern Germany (now western Poland) on October 4, 1943. Exterminationists have extracted sentences (in often questionable renderings of the German) to prove Himmler was discussing the “Holocaust” policy in secret conclave with top Nazi leaders; meanwhile, revisionist scholars have differed on the significance and even the authenticity of the Himmler speech’s “Jewish” passages.
Now, for the first time, you can decide for yourself, thanks to professional translator and revisionist scholar Carlos Porter’s English translation of the full text of the 113-page transcript of Himmler’s speech. Himmler’s 4 October 1943 address at Posen is a fascinating document that must be confronted and is well worth the effort.
Order your copy today. 38pp. Spiral bound $25

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Roger Garaudy. The book which caused an uproar in France by confronting Zionism and the Jewish Holocaust story head-on. Includes an introduction, and a 19-section addendum. 131pp. Spiral-bound. $35

[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Revisionism to the World!
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 42, April 1997, p. 8
Published: 1997-04-01
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