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  • High-school teacher and former head of the German National Democratic Party (NPD) Guenter Deckert, currently in a German prison after a series of judicial travesties that would have fazed Kafka and driven Orwell to distraction, writes in good English to tell us that on April 27 he was sentenced to an additional 27 months for having organized a meeting at which David Irving spoke in Deckert's hometown of Weinheim in 1990; for having sold the (since) banned book, Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte (complete text available in German, and most of it in English from CODOHWeb); for publishing and selling a commentary on his several previous trials; and for other Holocaust revisionist high crimes and misdemeanors (Guenter Deckert, JVA-Zuchthaus “Veste," Pf 3010, D 76643 Bruchsal, Germany).
  • A German cocktail party

    A German cocktail party

  • Australian revisionist and civil libertarian John Bennett just keeps on trucking Down Under; the founder and long-time head of the Australian Civil Liberties Union continues to publish the ACLU Newsletter; to place Your Rights, ACLU’s annual guide to free speech issues (including suppression of Holocaust revisionism at home and abroad) with most Aussie newsagents and booksellers; and, for the twelfth consecutive year, to publish revisionist letters and articles in a majority of Australia’s newspapers. (Write John Bennett, ACLU, Box 1137, Carlton 3053, Australia).
  • Judged by the photograph that adorns his stationery, John Bryant, in monk's cowl surmounted by a live pigeon, looks as if he’s escaped from a Monty Python movie. But this indefatigable author of dozens of books and articles on philosophy, logic, economics, management, marriage, friendship and “political incorrectness”—many of his writings warmly endorsed by luminaries from Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Kenneth Arrow to actor Dudley Moore to racial researcher J. Philippe Rushton and psychologist Hans Eysenck—is no kook and certainly no coward, Bryant’s latest opus, Political Correctness, Censorship & Liberal-Jewish Strong-arm Tactics in High-IQ/Low Morals Mensa: A Case Study, recounts what happened when his irreverent column on the occasion of the dedication of the U.S. Holocaust museum ran in the high-IQ fellowship Mensa’s Tampa, FL newsletter: Tampa Bay Mensa’s resident eggheads, unable to refute his arguments, cringing before organized Jewish pressure, dropped Bryant’s column—but maverick gadfly Bryant doesn’t give up easily! (For the 60-page booklet ($8.95) or for a free catalogue of his other writings, write: John Bryant, PO Box 66683, St. Petersburg Beach, FL 337366683).
  • The latest issue of Jack Wikoff's outstanding newsletter Remarks features a well-researched demolition of another holocaust canard: that the Nazis massacred hundreds of thousands of homosexuals. Wikoff also reports on his activities in getting Ernst Zuendel’s TV program, Another Voice of Freedom, on public access cable across America. (Remarks, P.O. Box 234, Aurora, NY 13026-0234).
  • Udo Walendy, currently in prison in Germany for “popular incitement,” was sentenced to another 14 months on May 5. According to a judicial opinion worthy of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, Walendy was “not sentenced for what you wrote or said, but for what you do not say, and should have said.”

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