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Published: 1993-05-01

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We have some 150 pages of press clippings produced by the Campus Project this academic year. We're putting together a portfolio of these press stories. I suppose it will cost about $15 each to have them copied, packaged and mailed. Those of you who have helped with the Project this season will receive the portfolio in June. We'll send it to you for a contribution of $20 (or more?).

Just as a $288 advertisement might cost a university $2-million (reported below by The Hurricane at U of Miami), the ads in their totality have produced many millions of dollars worth of public notice for revisionism. In the last three years holocaust revisionism has become part of our cultural landscape. The Campus Project is responsible for most of it. At the same time, I am under no illusion that we can simply repeat next academic year what we did this year. There has to be a new approach—and there will be. The wheels for it are already in motion. A lot of people on the other side are going to be taken aback. You're going to like it. A lot"


The Miami Hurricane, 13 April 1994

Cries of betrayal greet running of Holocaust ad

Students have right to be wrong, UM provost says

Herald Staff Writer

The Miami Hurricane, 13 April 1994

Luis Glaser stood before a throng of angry Jews who saw him as the traitor among them.

As provost or the...Univemtx. OfMiami'J-he had the unenviable task on Tuesday of explaming to 200 protesting students why the administration didn't veto a student newspaper ad that queStioned proor that the Holocaust occurred.

Glaser's argument: academic freedom.

Across town at an enormous Key Biscayne condo overlooking the ocean, millionaire Sanford L. Ziff got more than 100 phone calls congratulating him as a hero who stood up for Jews.

A philanthropist with deep pockets, Ziff felt it was his job to let UM suffer the consequences for permitting the ad to run Tuesday. The day before, the Sunglass Hut rounder had withdrawn a pledged $2 million donation to UM's Lowe Art Gallery and its Sylvester Cancer Research Center.

All over a $288 quarter-page ad.

The two men are Jews on different sides or a stormy issue: Whether UM administrators should have allowed student editors at The Miami Hurricane to run an ad that questions whether the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum offers any proof that Jews were gassed during World War II.

It was placed by Bradley R. Smith, a 64-year-old California writer who places ads in student papers around the country.

The drama climaxed Tuesday at UM, when hun-­

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