The German Court vs. Carlos Porter

Reply to Lower District Court
Published: 1998-01-05

Carlos W. Porter
Niveze Bas 112,
B-4845 SART
Sart, 7 January 1997

Judge Zeilinger
Lower District Court,
Justice Building
Nymphenburger Str. 16,
D-80097 MUNICH
Reference no.: 8430 Cs 112 Js 11637/96

Judge Zeilinger,

I hereby object to your order of punishment!

I don't recognize your right to try me for anything. I am not a citizen of your "Republik", and what I do in Belgium — a free, sovereign state — is none of your business. I must inform you that the German occupation of Belgium ended over 50 years ago. If you, in the so-called Bundesrepublik Deutschland, are of the opinion that certain goods ought not to be sent into the Bundesrepublik, then you must inform all the Member States of the World Postal Union, with an exact description of the excluded goods. An inquiry with the local post office reveals that no such communication exists.

Your order of punishment is a basic violation of the freedom to engage in research, which is also guaranteed in the Basic Law of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, and is furthermore anchored in the European Convention on Human Rights. Treaties of the European Union moreover guarantee the free exchange of goods within the scope of the Union. Goods which can be freely sold in England cannot be excluded from sale in Germany just on your whim. That is the responsibility of the Commission. You appear to suffer from a fundamental misunderstanding in this regard: we have, not a German Europe, but rather (at least, in theory) a European Germany, which claims to be a civilized country. Maybe you feel better in the company of Burma and China.

You have left the field of law, and abandoned yourself to pure whim. Your "trial" is not much different from many "trials" held in the Third Reich...

On Your Order of Punishment in Detail

...The 'documentary evidence' is, of course, a Communist "War Crimes Report" and the 'death chambers' (not 'death chamber', as you say), of course, are "steam chambers" (page 23).

[deleted references : (III 567-568 [[632-633]]);

You really don't seem to understand what you read. It's not me who says that the "death chambers" were "steam chambers", it's the above mentioned Communist Commission of the USSR [actually, Poland, Document PS-3311]. In that case, don't you think you really ought to send your "order of punishment" someplace else? Or have the "steam chambers" now become "proven fact", just like having sexual intercourse with the Devil was a "proven fact" during the Middle Ages?

..."Ziereis's 'confession' continues to be taken seriously by Reitlinger, Shirer, Hilberg, and other itinerant peddlers of Holo-Schlock" (page 43)...;

Since when are the contents of this document considered to be "proven fact"? Do you possess the specialist factual knowledge required even to expressan opinion on it? Obviously not.

..."Both Schirach..."

The text contains a series of references to the documents of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. If you don't like these documents, you should at least familiarize yourself with them first. That "geniuses do not kill millions of people with Diesel exhaust and insecticides which take 24 hours to kill moths" is a fact you can hardly dispute. Or do you think that's something a genius would do? I don't. It's not me who says Hitler was a genius, maybe he wasn't. If you were to familiarize yourself with the use of indirect speech in the German language, you would understand when a statement is being attributed to somebody else. The text contains over 1,000 exact references to transcript pages from the IMT. You can look them up and read them.

..."Actually, Zyklon presents a similar problem..."

That this problem arises in any explanation of the gassing procedure can hardly be disputed — or don't you know anything at all? That's why so many attempts to explain it have been made in recent years. See, for example, J.-C. Pressac. If you still think people can be killed with insecticides and Diesel exhaust, I suggest a practical experiment. I will gladly and voluntarily serve as the Guinea pig. Such a procedure could in no way have corresponded to the technical development of that time. IF 6 million Jews were gassed (or was it 8, 12, or 45 million, as claimed in some statements), then it must have been done using some other method. The extract quoted above contains no opinion as to WHETHER 6 million Jews were gassed.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is not "dissemination". Rather, it is a letter to Mayor Ude. I can write him a letter and say anything I want. Or are private letters now subject to censorship, too?

I firmly protest against the very notion that efforts to discover the truth constitute "incitement to racial hatred". Even if I'm wrong, I have the right to attempt to approximate historical truth. I even have the right to be wrong!

That efforts to discover the truth can be considered "slander", belongs to the mental world of the Middle Ages.

For your information, I enclose the German translation of an article from a famous Danish newspaper ("Information"), in which a Danish scholar refers to the lack of freedom of research in Germany. It looks as if Germany is quickly becoming a blot of shame on the map of Europe.

I further protest against the confiscation of the brochures

Dr. Goebbels was a rank amateur in this area. He burnt a few books in public. You burn them by the ton — but in secret! Dr. Goebbels could really learn a lot from you! The brochure is now available in 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese). So you've got a big job ahead of you. Why don't you invade the country and send in a squad of border police? Of course, you'll have to take all the copies of MADE IN RUSSIA - THE HOLOCAUST back with you at the same time. This 400-page book contains almost nothing but documents from the International Military Tribunal — "proven facts", like steam chambers, electrical chambers, vacuum chambers, mass killings with quicklime and atomic bombs, pedal-driven brain-bashing machines, and portable crematory ovens; not to mention, of course, the description of all sorts of objects made of human hair, fat, skin, bones, etc.. Oh yes, the murder of the Polish officers at Katyn is in there too, which the Germans were accused of, but which the Russians confessed to in 1989... "Up and At 'Em!" "Deutschland Über Alles!"

I furthermore object to imposition of the procedural costs

I must further inform you that the European Convention on Human Rights (article 6, section 3-A-C) requires you to send me all documents in my own language (English), so that I don't have to have everything translated. If I miss the deadline, then the fault for breaking the regulations lies with you.

I further demand a court-appointed lawyer for any further proceedings.

If you think I am afraid of you, you've got another think coming. People like you are swept away by history.

Oh, I almost forgot. The statute of limitations for the whole matter has already expired. I sent the first brochure in February.


Carlos Porter

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