The "Holocaust" Ad: A Study in Hypocrisy

Published: 1992-06-21

Editor’s Note: In the early 1990s, free-speech advocate Bradley Smith attempted to place a full-page ad explaining the Holocaust revisionist position in college newspapers throughout the United States. The ad was published by some papers at institutions of higher learning, and rejected by others. In response to this campaign, the following article was originally published in the June 1, 1992 issue of The Christian News (p. 15), a Lutheran weekly that is based in New Haven, Missouri. The essay (somewhat reworded) is still relevant today, for it highlights the hypocritical double standard that surrounds the Holocaust ideology.

Bradley Smith is a prominent Holocaust revisionist spokesman. Recently, he has received considerable publicity for his efforts to place an ad concerning the Revisionist view of the “Holocaust” in college newspapers. Universities such as Harvard, the University of California (Berkeley), Brown and Yale, which claim they support free speech, have refused to publish it. At those universities that published the ad, militant groups vigorously protested its appearance.

The whole affair brings to light a very blatant hypocritical double standard that plagues our society. Presently lecturing in the US and Canada is the successor to the late Meir Kahane, Rabbi Avahram Toledano. Like Kahane, Rabbi Toledano (who heads the racist Kach Movement) advocates the forced expulsion of Arabs from Israel.[1] He is given a public forum in respected Jewish synagogues throughout North America. When in Cleveland, for example, his lecture was announced beforehand in the highly respected Cleveland Jewish News.[2] (When Meir Kahane would come to Cleveland, this Jewish weekly also advertised his lecture appearances.) On November 14, 1991, he publicly stated at Heights Jewish Center that Arabs should be forcibly evacuated from Israel.[3] When asked, “What would the nations of the world say to Israel’s expulsions of Arabs?,” he responded: “I don’t know and I don’t care. We are proud to be Jews and have a Jewish State.”[4]

There was no vigorous, public outcry by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), protesting the ads in Cleveland Jewish News that announced the forthcoming appearances of Toledano and the late Meir Kahane. Nor did this group of Zionist functionaries vigorously protest Rabbi Toledano’s message of hate. Yet, according to a Religious News Service Press release of November 27, 1991: “The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is urging college newspapers to reject ads by individuals or groups denying the reality of the Holocaust.”[5] In fact, the ADL sent a representative to the University of Texas in order to prevent the publication of Smith’s ad.[6]

The ADL has declared that the Holocaust issue is “not debatable.”[7] Ergo, according to this Zionist rhetoric, Revisionism should be denied a public forum. Yet, according to their twisted logic, it appears to be “okay” for Jewish newspapers to accept ads from people who publicly advocate the mass expulsion of Arabs from Israel, and for Jewish Centers to provide a platform for such ideas. At times, the ADL and other Jewish groups may issue a few, weak condemnations of what the racist Kach group stands for. But the fact still remains they don’t initiate vigorous public campaigns, the goal of which is to prevent extremists like Toledano from appearing at Jewish centers or the advertisement of their lecture appearances in Jewish newspapers.

Nor for that matter is there any high profile, continuous public outcry from prominent Jews and Gentiles demanding that Jewish institutions deny Rabbi Toledano and his Kach movement a public forum. Yet, almost everywhere we have prominent Jews and Gentiles demanding that Revisionist Smith be denied a forum for his ideas.

In Toronto, Canada, Rabbi Toledano spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 300 at the Shaari Tefilah synagogue. He said: “The Jewish state, the Jewish land, belongs only to the Jewish people. There is no room for a people that does not recognize Jewish sovereignty.”[8] Yet, in this very same city Ernst Zundel was put on trial for publishing Revisionist works that question the “Holocaust” doctrine.

Consider the utter hypocrisy here. It is legal in Canada for a Zionist rabbi to publicly put forth a call for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel. If his plans were acted upon, this would result in hardship and suffering for millions of Arabs. However, it is a crime for a Gentile to put forth valid evidence showing that the “Holocaust” is exaggerated. In view of this, I doubt if there is a college newspaper in all of Canada that would dare publish Mr. Smith’s article.

In the January 15, 1992 issue of the New York Times, the editors labeled Smith’s Revisionist ideas “trash” and “ugliness.” Running true to form, the Times didn’t reprint his article to let readers judge for themselves.

Nevertheless, in the February 12, 1991 issue of the Times a letter was printed that claimed that St. Paul, the Christian evangelist who wrote and inspired much of New Testament, was a deluded epileptic. Again in the March 9, 1991 issue the editors printed another letter which insinuated that Paul was a homosexual. On another page in the same issue they published a sympathetic story about the “Jesus Seminar,” a group of intellectuals that claim that much of the New Testament is grossly inaccurate or a patchwork of fabrications.[9] There was no editorial condemnation of these ideas.

Do you see the point? It’s “okay” and “morally acceptable” for this Jewish-owned, pro-Zionist daily to publish writings that are offensive to millions of Christians; they don’t condemn these anti-Christian ideas. But then again, they refuse to publish Holocaust revisionist articles like Mr. Smith’s; they simply label them “trash” and “ugliness.”

Like I said, the story of Bradley Smith’s “Holocaust” ad is a study in the hypocritical double standard that plagues our society. It is socially and morally acceptable for those in powerful places to publicly offend millions of Christians with ideas that attack their religion and for Jewish rabbis to advocate the oppression of Arabs, but it is positively “evil and immoral” to dare question or repudiate the Holocaust ideology, a doctrine that is declared to be “sacred” by the Jewish-Zionist power elite.


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