The Last Word

Published: 2014-05-14

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*** I think maybe Jon Rappoport has had the last word here. Groups, not individuals: Holocaust Deniers, Jew-haters, Anti-Semites, it goes on and on. Always groups, in support of yet another Group, The Genocide Industry. They are very good at it.

*** Last month was a disaster with regard to donations. I wonder if it could be a bad reaction to my reprinting that long autobiographical story, Che Guevara in Saigon? I thought it relevant, but…

The irony is that I was going to do something similar in this issue of SR. To be titled: Without Thought. A review of the primary turning points in my life that were almost without exception taken at an entirely unexpected moment with no fore-thought, no consideration whatever of danger or loss or reward. I think it very interesting and somewhat unique. But in the end I had to go back too far, to the 1950s, the text was too long and too complicated. I might still do it here in parts. You will tell me if you get bored with it.

*** I’m grateful for your contributions. Believe me. I am unable to make time to thank you individually. As a business proposition, that’s very bad business on my part. All I have room to say right now is that we were finally able to kick off a project that we have been working on for months. Kicked it off only three days ago. Will it make a difference? No way to know. By this time next month I expect to have a pretty good idea how it is working, if it will work.

Until next month then

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Published: 2014-05-14
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