The Year 2018 at CODOH

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Published: 2018-12-20

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Another year has flown by. It's been a very busy year at CODOH and especially at Castle Hill Publishers. To give you an idea of exactly how busy it has been, we have compiled a report that tells the story with many details. This is also our way of saying thank you to you all for your continued support and for spreading the Good News of Holocaust revisionism. The CODOH Team is wishing you all a merry Christmas and a successful start into the Year 2019... (Für eine deutsche Fassung, siehe hier)

For ease of navigation, we have split this report into four sections, to each of which you can quickly jump using the following links:

The Year 2018 at the CODOH Board of Trustees

2018 saw the next step in our battle for truth in history. The factual basis of Holocaust myths has largely collapsed, provoking the establishment into accelerated repression of revisionism and a frenzy of propaganda activities.

Blacklists, censorship, jailing of courageous scholars, and prevention of honest research are the tools of our opposition; hugely expensive “educational programs” paid for by taxpayers are hallmarks of the propaganda.

While revisionist research and outreach have continued on many fronts, I will concentrate on CODOH’s work defeating the Holocaust establishment’s plans to exploit the Anne Frank story and CODOH’s work in exposing the establishment’s hijacking of UNESCO programs designed to protect Human Rights.

Holocaust promoters are gearing up for a propaganda extravaganza for the 75th anniversary of the deportation of Anne Frank; August 4, 1944. The various organizations that exploit the Anne Frank tragedy for profit or propaganda have launched a “Who Betrayed Anne” campaign (fundraising goal of $5 million) to be topped off with a documentary by filmmaker Thijs Bayens, for worldwide release in August 2019.

Anne Frank

CODOH has done a good job of throwing cold water on the upcoming Holopalooza with the discovery and dissemination of a string of damning facts, some of which are:

  • The identity of the person responsible for the discovery of the Frank family hideout.
  • The real reason Anne Frank was sent to Auschwitz.
  • The collaboration activities of Otto Frank.
  • The real reason Otto Frank left Germany.
  • The true history of members of the Annex.

The death of Anne Frank was a tragedy, but the exploitation of her death and the creation of a surrounding “edifice of lies” by groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center is shameful. CODOH is alone in researching and presenting the real history of Anne Frank.

See the following CODOH articles:

Hijacking UNESCO

The frenzy of Holocaust promoters to insinuate Holocaust propaganda into schools and public spaces is worth an article in itself, but we will stick to the example of the United Nations, since agitators have continued their focus on the United Nations. The UN has become an echo chamber of Holocaust propaganda with nearly monthly pronouncements against revisionism; an example is the November 9th declaration:

  • On the anniversary of Kristallnacht, UN chief urges renewed fight against ‘crime’ of anti-Semitism. Ironically, the UN posted the announcement under Human Rights issues.
  • On November 19, UNESCO also, with the support of the World Jewish Congress, launched a new website entitled “Facts about the Holocaust” in a ceremony at UNESCO’s headquarters. The website is designed as “an interactive online tool to counter messages of Holocaust denial and distortion circulating on the internet and social media.” It is a response to “increased hate and disinformation online.” The website launch comes in the wake of a “high-level event” on preventing anti-Semitism through education, organized by UNESCO in the presence of the UN secretary-general, during the United Nations General Assembly in New York last September.

In a one-two punch against free speech, the UN also published its new guidelines for “Addressing Anti-Semitism.” The new expanded definition of anti-Semitism included:

  • Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).
  • Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
  • Antisemitic acts are criminal when they are so defined by law (for example, denial of the Holocaust or distribution of antisemitic materials in some countries).

The new definition facilitates prosecution and public acceptance of censorship and blacklisting of legitimate scholarship. The establishment media, if the oppressions are even mentioned, can now just write that the defendants were convicted of distributing anti-Semitic material.

UN politicians and bureaucrats, who have not the least knowledge of Holocaust research, stumble over each other to ban discussion, all in the name of “tolerance.” Orwellian definitions now rule the UN’s new presentation of human rights. Truth is Hate, Speech is a Crime. Censorship is freedom.

Very few voices are raised either to question establishment myths or to defend the right to debate history. We should all be very grateful to the brave volunteer team at CODOH for their work.


The Year 2018 at the CODOH Forum

Here are some informative bits about The CODOH Forum which could be tossed into the mix.

The Numbers

  • Total posts: 9476
  • Total topics: 10419
  • Total members: 1570
  • Of late we are seeing consistent numbers of 250+ online at any one moment, which extrapolates to thousands per day, at the very least.
  • All-time leading thread: Cyanide Chemistry at Auschwitz: 218,473 views, WOW!!

Ron Unz

Threads concerning articles which contain numerous comments with links to CODOH at a site run by a man who can only be described as the New Jewish Revisionist, Ron Unz, Those comments, with CODOH links, following those articles, have really driven the Forum numbers upward. The counter comments to the rational pro-revisionist side have been embarrassingly desperate there.

See for instance:


The Year 2018 at Castle Hill Publishers

It has been an absolutely crazy year at Castle Hill Publishers. We released 28 new books or new editions of older books; we released 73 slightly revised versions of books already in print; we released a number of video documentaries and brief video clips promoting some of our new publications. And we put back into print a series of promotional material.


The year started with the release of the first-ever German print edition of John Ball’s trail-blazing book on air-photo evidence. Since preparing this edition resulted in a number of improvements compared to the then-current English edition, we took that opportunity to launch a new English edition for that book as well. Also in January, we put into print an updated version of a text written in 2005 by Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the occupation of Auschwitz by the Red Army: Auschwitz: A Three‐Quarter Century of Propaganda (for the German edition see May).


After over a year of struggling to get Mattogno’s monograph on the Auschwitz-liar Miklós Nyiszli translated from Hungarian and Italian into English with the selfless help of a competent volunteer, the book finally saw the light of day: An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account. Parallel to this laborious project being concluded, we prepared a video documentary on occasion of the anniversary of Amazon’s epic mass murder of revisionist books back in March 2017. Both the book and the video on that fateful event were released just a week prior to its first anniversary: The Day Amazon Murdered History (see here for the video).


Two volunteers signed up to translate to German our documentary on The First Holocaust. In early 2018, we finished this video project within a few weeks. Parallel to it, we also released an updated and expanded new edition of the German-language book on that topic: Der erste Holocaust. We moreover started updating our promotional print material. The first released was our impressive 4-color brochure Holocaust Skepticism. Also in March, we received back Carlos Porter’s English translation of Carlo Mattogno’s book on the Einsatzgruppen. Working on this book, which came initially with 1,000 pages and 2,500 footnotes, has been the main focus of this year. However, this project was interrupted twice.


The first interruption came in April, when our print-on-demand partner announced that, during the months of April and May, they will waive all fees on submissions of revised production files for books already in print. Their fee for this usually equals their set-up fee for new books, which means that we normally wait for enough necessary changes to accrue before we decide to publish a completely new edition as a new book. But with all fees waived, we decided to give almost all of our books in print a facelift – 85 of them! In all of them, we updated our company’s information included on each book’s imprint page, and we replaced the ad section at the end of the book with the most-recent version. All typos and other trivial errors contained in the books that we were aware of were also fixed in the process. For twelve of the books concerned, the changes were not trivial but rather included giving them a more modern or up-to-date cover design, adjusting the format to our 6”×9” standard, and making amendments to their contents. This concerned many German-language books of the series Holocaust Handbücher that had been published before this series was even established. You can find a list of the 12 new editions created in that context on the  “New Products” page of our website, entries added on May 9, 2018.

After this updating frenzy and in order to reflect these revisions, we also reissued all PDF files of the Holocaust Handbooks (German and English) which can be downloaded free of charge. The old PDF files had been produced as print-production files, hence their text was not searchable, they had no bookmarks, no interactive table of contents, and only some of the internet links contained were clickable. This has now been amended. In addition, we started bringing all the Kindle eBook files up to date with the revisions made to the 85 books mentioned, and also to have them all converted to the ePub format (zipped html), but that project stalled when the second disruption happened in June (see there).

Also in April, we released new versions of Bradley Smith’s classic leaflet The Holocaust Controversy (available also in German: Die Holocaust‐Kontroverse), as well as a print-version of our 8-page brochure on the series Holocaust Handbooks (also available as a letter-size flyer).


In May we went back to working on the Einsatzgruppen book, while also releasing a number of German-dubbed revisionist documentaries which had been submitted to us by an anonymous volunteer several years ago (see the list below for details). At about the same time, we issued an improved version of David Cole’s classic video on his 1992 visit to Auschwitz. Also released during that month were two German-language print publications: our 16-page 4-color promotional brochure Holocaust Skeptizismus, as well as the book Auschwitz: Ein dreiviertel Jahrhundert Propaganda (equivalent to Auschwitz: A Three‐Quarter Century of Propaganda).


We released only one item during this month: a completely redone and drastically improved German version of Anthony Lawson’s revisionist documentary Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans Really So Stupid? As we wrapped up that project, our printer announced that they would waive all set-up fees for new books during the month of July. Hence, editing the Einsatzgruppen book was suspended once more, and all the book-publishing projects that had been shelved for years for lack of profitability were now put back on the table. This concerned primarily a number of German-language revisionist classics, old reprints of which we had been selling for years (mostly produced by the Belgian foundation of blessed memory Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, whose stock we bought when the foundation was dissolved). Looking at sales figures, we compiled a priority list, and then pushed for as many of them to be published in new editions as we could within the tight timeframe of just eight weeks. The reasoning behind this is that books sitting on our shelves can only be sold to customers who visit our online shop or contact us directly, while books we put back into print are introduced into all available national and international sales and distribution channels, hence are in theory available everywhere – until Amazon & Co. hits the censorship button, that is… But still, their censorship kills the book “only” for some 50% of the market, while not having them in that market in the first place makes them practically invisible for anyone not already patronizing us.


The result of this publishing frenzy is shown as entries for July in the below list. The booklet Auschwitz: forensisch untersucht (Auschwitz: Forensically Examined) is actually a completely new book, as the quality of the original 2007 edition was too poor to even bother with it. An English translation of this new book already exists and will be released sometime in 2019.

That month also saw the release of a new member of our series Holocaust Handbooks, German version, Jürgen Graf’s work on witness testimonies and perpetrator confessions on Auschwitz. It has already been translated to English, and we are currently working on it, hoping to release it in January or maybe February of 2019. We also released an updated, 3rd edition of Don Heddesheimer’s The First Holocaust this month, since it came free of charge…


No news. No, we were not loafing. Plowing through a 1,000-page, 2,500-footnote book took time, but we finally did it:


We finally wrapped up Carlo Mattogno’s third “Überwerk”, The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories: Genesis, Missions and Actions…, and we also released a new (4th) edition of Germar Rudolf’s documentary The Chemistry of Auschwitz, after the BBC had intervened with YouTube to have the 3rd edition of this documentary removed from circulation claiming that their copyright had been infringed upon. We had used 57 seconds of their 2-hour-and-20-minute documentary 14 Days in May, showing a test gassing of two rabbits. To circumvent any future abusive copyright claims, we changed that section and stuck it to them by documenting how they tried to censor us!

The rest of this year I will spend working on Graf's book on witness testimonies, which is slated to appear in early 2019, as well as making fit for publication a new German edition of Paul Rassinier's first book The Lies of Ulysses, which, with a little luck, may appear still this year. (PS: yes, we did it!)

The Year 2018 in Summary









The Year 2018 with CODOH’s Library and Public Outreach

CODOH Library

Roberto Hernández (his pen name) has been part of the CODOH Team for many years and is in charge of CODOH’s public-outreach efforts. This year, thanks to the leadership of the rest of the CODOH Team and particularly of Germar Rudolf, the CODOH Library has been expanded by a number of books, essays and other documents in PDF format, many of which are trailblazing works of 20th-century revisionism. All this material, written in different languages, stems from the currently dormant VHO site ( Hence, if you are looking for a specific revisionist book in the CODOH online library, chances are we now have it. Hernández has uploaded some 80% of the material from VHO to CODOH already; the rest will follow shortly.

The CODOH Blog and CODOH Updates

Hernández has also been put in charge of assembling and uploading new content to the CODOH Blog, which is part of the CODOH Library. Hernández is supported in this by other CODOH Team members. Once a week we inform all the 2,000+ subscribers to our Newsletter about newly posted items with our “CODOH Updates.”

Social Media Outlets

At CODOH, we believe that having a website is not enough to spread our message of intellectual freedom with regard to the Holocaust question. Hence, we are using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an attempt to cover the most important social-media outlets. Two of the more successful ways of getting our message out have been YouTube and Facebook.


We have inherited Bradley R. Smith’s CODOH Founder Facebook page, which has more than 4,700 “friends”, which means they all get a notice when we post something new. Linked to this page we have the Castle Hill Publishers business page, where we have 300 likes. It mainly consists of a static Facebook presence, just to show our face and redirect visitors to CHP’s own website. Another page linked to this is our CODOH Facebook page which we feed constantly, and it has almost 1,200 likes with about 1,300 followers. The numbers here are a representation of the work done throughout the year. The group of people following this account is steadily growing.


We have two channels here: CODOH and Holocaust Handbooks. While we post many diverse videos on the former channel mainly relating to CODOH’s core area of interest – the Holocaust and free speech – the latter is largely limited to our own video productions, mainly centering around the prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks. Our CODOH Channel has grown steadily over the years. Currently, we have a total of 417 videos in that channel, which can be documentaries of one or two hours or shorter clips, but most of them deal with the Holocaust or a closely related topic, as well as with free speech. We also post all these videos in the CODOH Library, so visitors can enjoy them on our site. The CODOH Channel currently has 2,696 subscribers versus 1488 at the end of last year, and the Holocaust Handbooks channel, which has only 25 active videos, has 2,806 subscribers, 911 more than a year ago. Hence, both channels are steadily growing. Also, we have good news on the number of views: the total for the CODOH channel is 265,942, as opposed to 90,918 views a year earlier, and the Holocaust Handbooks channel has had 100,900, compared to 94,200 a year earlier, despite the fact that we have not posted a new documentary there in over a year.

All in all, these items are good news, but we are doing our best to increase the number of views on our channels. Our adversaries have done everything they can to not let us spread our message of free speech and free inquiry on the Holocaust.

We used to have a backup channel on Vimeo so that people in countries where YouTube blocks our content (mainly European countries) can watch our videos anyway, but after Vimeo came under pressure, they deleted our entire account without any prior warning. Now we are using another service (BitChute), the details of which we will soon announce.


Here CODOH isn’t doing quite as well, but we are moving along. At @codohoutreach we have 192 followers, which is an increase from last year when we had a couple of dozen followers. Castle Hill Publishers started their own Twitter account this year (@CastleHillPubl), and its subscription rate has reached 165 within just a few months.

Inconvenient History

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In order to optimize time and talents, Hernández has been given the task to post, that is to format and upload articles for Inconvenient History, and this way, Germar Rudolf, who used to edit and post these articles, has been freed from a task that he should not be doing, because he has so many other things of major importance to do. Hernández works on the Inconvenient History site under the supervision of Jett Rucker and Germar Rudolf, Jett being the chief editor of Inconvenient History since December 2018.

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