Tribunal to deny Zündel his Human Rights

ThoughtCrime: 12/12/97
Published: 1997-12-12

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Ernst Zündel, a Canadian publisher, has been brought before a "Human Rights tribunal" today after a complaint was filed by Metropolitan Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall. Hall's complaint was based on revisionist materials that were posted to the Zündelsite, a website established and maintained in the United States.

Hall would prefer that even questions such as, "Did six million really die?'' not be asked. She says, ``The complaint was made because we believe this material on the Internet is hate mongering, and it's destructive to the peaceful life of people in this city.'' Supporters of Zündel see the complaint as simply another attempt to deny human rights and free speech to Zündel and other revisionist websites.

If found guilty, the Canadian tribunal would actually attempt to censor material on this American website. The revisionist articles are protected in the United States based on a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Zündel's lawyer Doug Christie says Hall, who was chair of her city's committee of race relations at the time of the complaint, is not being impartial, and that she unfairly singled out his client. Christie says Hall only saw part of what was on the web site and never called Zündel to ask his side of the story.

He has also pointed out that Hall's council gave an $5,600 ($8,000 Can.) to a ``violent and hateful'' group called Anti-Racist Action.

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Title: Tribunal to deny Zündel his Human Rights , ThoughtCrime: 12/12/97
Published: 1997-12-12
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