What Happened to Jews Not Gassed in the Aktion Reinhardt Camps?

Published: 2023-01-20

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Establishment historians state that all Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in Poland were exterminated. It is claimed that a handful of strong young Jews were temporarily spared to keep the camps running. All other Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps are claimed to have been immediately gassed upon arrival without registration.[1]

In his book Holocaust, historian Peter Longerich states that 1,274,166 Jews had been killed in the Aktion Reinhardt camps by the end of 1942. Longerich bases his statement on the fact that the Höfle telegram shows that this many Jews had been sent by then to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. Longerich assumes that every Jew sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps was murdered.[2]

I have written an article explaining why the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps rather than extermination camps.[3] I have been asked:

“If the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps, where did the Jews go if they were not gassed at these camps? Why isn’t there a mass of documentation showing that Jews were shipped to other locations outside of the Aktion Reinhardt camps? Why haven’t any Jewish survivors of the Aktion Reinhardt camps testified that they survived these camps and were transported to the East? Why haven’t German perpetrators and witnesses testified that Jews were transited east from the Aktion Reinhardt camps?”

This article answers these questions.

Historical Contex

The reason why documentation does not exist proving that Jews were transited out of the Aktion Reinhardt camps to the East can be explained by examining the historical context. The following questions and answers are relevant:

  1. Who won World War II? Answer: The Allies.
  2. Who controlled all of the documentation after the war? Answer: The Allies.
  3. Who claimed that Germany had a policy of genocide against the Jews? Answer: The Allies.
  4. Who could have destroyed the documentation relating to what happened to Jews after the war? Answer: The Allies.

The Soviet Union took control of Poland and the documentation related to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. We know that the Soviet Union engaged in many lies and deceptions concerning World War II. One of the best examples is the three witnesses at Nuremberg who testified that Germany was responsible for the mass execution of Polish officers at Katyn. Today everybody agrees that the Soviet Union and not Germany was responsible for the Katyn Forest massacres.[4]

Another example of Soviet deception is that the Soviets hid information that would enable an outsider to construct the reality of what was happening militarily in the Soviet Union at the beginning of Germany’s invasion on June 22, 1941. Viktor Suvorov, a former Soviet military intelligence operative who defected to the United Kingdom in 1978, gained access to closed Soviet archives while doing a research paper at the Soviet Army Academy. Suvorov discovered that the Soviet version of World War II history is a lie, and that it conceals the Soviet Union’s responsibility for starting the war. The Red Army in June 1941 was, at the time, the largest and best equipped army in the history of the world. The German invasion of the Soviet Union was made to prevent the Soviets from conquering all of Europe.[5]

The Soviets also lied about the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek in Poland. A Soviet-Polish committee concluded in August 1944 that at least five homicidal gas chambers operated in Majdanek. The documents at Majdanek prove, however, that the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek were delousing chambers built only for sanitary purposes.[6]

The Soviet archives have documented numerous criminal acts by the Soviet government. For example, the Soviet archives show that Stalin, Molotov and Lazar Kaganovich ordered the execution of 38,679 of their own army officers, poets, writers and other people in 1937 and 1938. These documents provide irrefutable proof of the executions of Soviet citizens ordered by these Soviet leaders.[7]

The Soviet Union under Josef Stalin also engaged in numerous additional criminal acts, including the mass murder of many millions of its own citizens. Destroying the documentation related to transports of Jews from the Aktion Reinhardt camps would be extremely easy and totally consistent with the criminal nature of the Soviet government.

The American military could also not be trusted to honestly report and disclose any documents that it discovered after World War II. The United States conducted a program of genocide against the German people after the war. This includes the mass starvation and murder of hundreds of thousands of German POWs, the expulsion of approximately 15 million Germans from their homes in eastern Germany, and the intentional starvation of millions of resident Germans.[8] Any nation that committed such atrocious criminal acts would not hesitate to hide or destroy documents that disprove the official Holocaust story.

Jewish Survivors

The question is often asked: Why haven’t any Jewish survivors of the Aktion Reinhardt camps testified that they survived these camps and were transported to the East? My answer is that Jews who publicly dispute the so-called Holocaust have been subject to physical threats, persecution, and harassment.

For example, American Holocaust revisionist David Cole, whose parents are both Jewish, was very effective in the 1990s in promulgating revisionist viewpoints. He was so effective that the Jewish Defense League threatened him into recanting his views. In January 1998, Cole changed his name to David Stein to protect himself, and he became publicly known as a right-wing Hollywood Republican. In May 2013, David Cole was exposed by a former friend and is now using his original name again.[9] Hopefully, his First Amendment right to free speech will be respected in the future.

Joseph G. Burg was a Jewish author of several books who testified at the 1988 Ernst Zündel trial in Toronto. Burg testified that he spoke to hundreds of people who had serviced and operated the crematoria, but he could not find anyone who had operated homicidal gas chambers. He said that the crematoria had been established for hygienic purposes as a result of typhus and other diseases. Burg also testified that he attended the Nuremberg trials in 1946 and met Ilya Ehrenburg, who had visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, as well as a Jewish publisher who had been interned in Auschwitz for several years. Both Ehrenburg and the Jewish publisher said they did not see any homicidal gas chambers while they were at Auschwitz-Birkenau.[10]

Burg further testified that the German people, not just the Nazis, had been falsely blamed and defamed. He had frequently discussed the subject of German restitution with Zündel. If the Holocaust hadn’t been invented, in Burg’s opinion the Germans wouldn’t be paying restitution and, he pointed out, “they are paying.” He dealt with the subject of restitution in his book Guilt and Fate, which Zündel read in the 1960s. Burg testified that the reason for the continuation of war crimes trials was to prove to everybody that the Germans, even the ones born in America and Canada, were to be blamed for the murdering and gassing of Jews.[11]

Burg testified that he had suffered personally for publishing books and documentaries expressing his views on the “Holocaust.”[12] He was reportedly beaten by thugs from the Jewish Defense League, and was denied burial in the Munich Jewish cemetery.[13] Since Jews have been threatened and persecuted for challenging the official Holocaust narrative, Jewish survivors of the Aktion Reinhardt camps transported to the East would not want to publicly express what happened to them. It has never been safe for them to do so.

German Witnesses

Since Auschwitz-Birkenau was the original focus of the Holocaust story, a few Germans who had been at Auschwitz-Birkenau developed the courage to speak out. Thies Christophersen, for example, supervised about 300 workers, many of them Jewish, at Auschwitz from January to December 1944. On numerous occasions during this period, he visited Birkenau where allegedly hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed to death. In a memoir first published in Germany in 1973, The Auschwitz Lie, Christophersen wrote that during the time he was at Auschwitz he did not notice the slightest evidence of mass gassings. In March 1988, at the Ernst Zündel trial in Toronto, he also successfully answered numerous pointed questions by the prosecuting attorney about his experiences at Auschwitz.[14]

After The Auschwitz Lie was published, Christophersen received thousands of letters and calls. He wrote regarding these letters and calls:[15]

Many of those who contacted me can confirm my statements, but are afraid to do so publicly. Some of those are SS men who were brutally mistreated and even tortured in Allied captivity. I also immediately contacted those who claimed to know more about mass gassings. My experiences were precisely the same as those of French professor Paul Rassinier. I have not found any eyewitnesses. Instead, people would tell me that they knew someone who knew someone else, who talked about it. In most cases the alleged eyewitnesses had died. Other supposed eyewitnesses would quickly begin to stammer and stutter when I asked a few precise questions. Even Simon Wiesenthal had to finally admit before a Frankfurt district court that he was actually never in Auschwitz. All of the reports I have heard about are contradictory. Everyone seemed to tell a different story about the gas chambers. They couldn’t even agree about where they were supposed to have been located. This is also true of the so-called scholarly literature, which is full of contradictions.

Another eyewitness who did not see any evidence of genocide of the Jews is Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich. Dr. Stäglich, a German judge, visited Auschwitz several times during the Second World War as a German orderly officer of an Anti-aircraft Detachment. Dr. Stäglich published an account of his visits to Auschwitz in which he stated:

“On none of these visits did I see gassing installations, crematoria, instruments of torture, or similar horrors.”

Stäglich was emphatic that he never saw a German policy of genocide against the Jews.[16]

The historical blackout forces sought to intimidate German eyewitnesses from writing about their observations in the German concentration camps. Thus, after Thies Christophersen published The Auschwitz Lie in 1973, he was charged with “popular incitement,” “contempt against the state,” and defamation of the Jews. Christophersen spent a year in prison even though the charge of popular incitement was eventually dropped. All Christophersen had done was to write about his experiences while he was working at Auschwitz in 1944.[17]

Wilhelm Stäglich’s public challenge to the official version of life at Auschwitz brought forth severe reprisals from the German government. Stäglich was forced to resign his job as a judge in Hamburg, his health having been affected by a harassment campaign against him. German authorities also attempted to deprive Stäglich of his pension, eventually settling on a 20% reduction in his pension over a five-year period. Finally, in a crowning absurdity, Stäglich was deprived of the doctoral degree he had earned at the University of Göttingen in 1951.[18]

Prematurely retired, Stäglich worked for several years on an extensive study of the evidence supposedly substantiating systematic murder by gassing at Auschwitz. The book resulting from his study, Der Auschwitz Mythos, disputes the various “proofs” offered for the Auschwitz myth, and is a damning analysis of the postwar trials staged by the Allies. The publication of Der Auschwitz Mythos in West Germany in 1979 caused the defenders of the Holocaust story to censor Stäglich’s book. Nevertheless, all but seven of the 10,000 copies of the first edition of Der Auschwitz Mythos had been sold by the time the book was ordered seized by the German government.[19]

Germany soon passed laws after the publication of Stäglich’s book making it a felony to dispute any aspect of the Holocaust story. Similar laws were eventually passed in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the European Union.[20] Such laws make it a felony for anyone to speak out against any aspect of the so-called Holocaust, including the transport of Jews from the Aktion Reinhardt camps to the East. It is a felony for Germans to do so.

Jew Transited to the East

Germar Rudolf has found an interesting case of a Jew transited to the East from Treblinka. Rudolf writes:[21]

Jean-Marie Boisdefeu has documented an interesting case he stumbled over while skimming Yad Vashem’s database of Holocaust victims. This case, too, is based on a memorial book published by government authorities, in this case of Germany. It concerns the Berlin Jew Siegmund Rothstein, born in 1867, who was first deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto for elderly Jews in August 1942. Barely a month later, however, on September 26, he was deported to Treblinka at the age of 75. But that was not his end at all, because the German authorities found life signs of him further east, as they finally determined that Rothstein died in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, some 240 miles (286 km) east of Treblinka. I doubt 75-year-old Mr. Rothstein jumped off the train prior to arriving at Treblinka and ran all the way to German-occupied Minsk. Hence, he must have traveled there by train. I also doubt that the German authorities reserved a train just for him or put just him on a military train going to Minsk. Rather, he must have made that journey on a deportation train together with hundreds or thousands of fellow deportees from Theresienstadt.

Boisdefeu states that none of the thousands of Jews deported from Theresienstadt is listed in the German memorial book as having been killed at Treblinka, but that they all are listed with a variety of different locations where they either died or were last heard of and then went missing.

This case, too, indicates that thousands of Jews seem to have been deported to “the East” with Treblinka as a transit station. As a result, Treblinka must indeed have had the logistics to temporarily house, feed, and clean hundreds, if not thousands of individuals for short periods of time. Among other things, it most likely did have a very real shower facility for that very purpose.


Germar Rudolf writes:

As far as I know, no one has done any thorough, systematic research trying to locate more individual cases of Jews transited through Treblinka, Sobibór or Bełżec to other places using the data available in published sources, victim and witness databases, etc. ….Revisionists, on the other hand, have so far lacked the human, monetary, logistical and temporal resources to undertake such research on the grand scale it would require. So, in this case as well, the evidence keeps deteriorating, as memories fade, documents decay and survivors die.”[22]

Hopefully, someone will do this research in the future. For now, we have one known Jew who was transited to the East from Treblinka.

Defenders of the Holocaust story will probably still claim that there would be a massive amount of documentary evidence if Jews were transited from the Aktion Reinhardt camps to the East. Such claims ignore the fact that the documentation of transports from the Aktion Reinhardt camps could have been easily destroyed by the Allies. These claims also ignore the fact that Jewish and German witnesses have never been free to express what they saw and experienced without being subject to severe reprisals.


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